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South Korea stayed independent and North Korea stayed communist.

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Q: What was the result of the Korea war?
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The 1950 Korean civil war was a result of?

North Korea invaded South Korea.

Why was Korean war fought?

it was the result of political division of Korea

Result of the sino-japanese war?

Korea was divide

What was the effect of the Korean War?

The main effect of the Korean War was that Korea was separated into two different countries (North Korea and South Korea) NO! That was the result of WWII, relieving Korea of Japanese colonization. The result of the Korean war was less about land, although it began as an attempt to re-unify Korea, having drastic sociological and economic effects.

When did the Korean war start and why did it?

The Korean War started 25 June 1950 as a result of an invasion by North Korea .

What was the division of Korea largely a result of?

Cold War rivalries between the Soviets and the Americans.

The Korean war broke out as a result of?

North Korean forces INVADED South Korea.

What was the result of the Korean War?

As a result of the Korean War, with the help of the United States, South Korea remained free from Communist control. It resulted in a democratic government in South Korea and a communist government in North Korea. The war resulted in two countries in a state of permanent hostility, other nations mourning lost men, and neither side having gained any ground. Are you driving a car made in the Republic of Korea? If you are, thank the victory won during the Korean War. The result of the war was a stalemate. The Armistice is still in effect since 1953.

Who is to blame for the Korean War?

The Korean War of the 1950's WA the result of a North Korean attack on South Korea.

How did the US get involved in the Korean war?

The Korean War was actually a Police Action that involved the United Nations and North Korea. North Korea was Chinese and Russian backed. They invaded South Korea. This argument was the result of the Cold War and the bad feelings from that. Both Countries are really still at war.

What divides north and south Korea?

The division of Korea into South Korea and North Korea was the result of the 1945 Allied victory in World War II ending the Empire of Japan's 35 years colonial rule of Korea by General Order No.1.

Did the end result of the Korean War the establishment of a new boundary between the north and south?

No, the 38th parallel remained to separate south Korea from north Korea.

What country is a communist dictatorship that was established after world war 2 and has the city of pyongyang as its capitail?

Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea. Korea split into two countries as a result of the Korean War, not World War II. The Korean War was five years after the second World War.

What was the result of this division of Korea?

It increased tensions in the Cold War between communism (USSR) and capitalism (USA).

Why did north Korea become a country?

The division of Korea was the result of the 1945 Allied victory in World War II ending the Empire of Japan's 35 years colonial rule of Korea by General Order No.1.

Why is there the north and the South Korea?

The country was divided along the 38th parallel as a result of the Korean war, 1950-1953.

Did the US declair war on Korea?

Korea is not a country.You mean either "North Korea" or "South Korea".The US did not declare war on North Korea or South Korea. Rather, North Korea declared war on South Korea, starting the Korea War.North Korea was backed by China and Russia, while South Korea was backed by the US (and UN).South Korea has always been an US ally, and have been supporting the US in all their wars since the Korean War.

How was the Korean a war to stop communism?

North Korea was and remains a communist nation, and in 1950 it invaded the non-communist nation of South Korea. The UN acted to defeat the invasion. South Korea as a result did not become communist.

Where was Korea divided after the war?

south Korea and north Korea

The war between North Korea and South Korea?

i think the war between North Korea and SOUTH Korea is only Korean War. it happend in 1950, it end in 1953

How does the Korea war still affect us today?

The Korea war still affects us today. It affects us because our relationship with Korea is not a positive relationship. The Korea war also caused North Korea and South Korea to be at odds.

What if the North Korea and South Korea go into war?

China would assist North Korea in tbe war

Was South Korea in the Vietnam war?

The answer is yes, South Korea was in the Vietnam War!

What war was caused when north Korea invaded south Korea?

The Korean war.

What was the result of Soviet Union helping North Korea?

Result: the USSR got to test out their new equipment. Without Soviet supplies, North Korea would've had no tanks, artillery, jets, fuel, or ammo. Without the USSR, there would have been no Korean War.