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The North Vietnamese Army would break the treaty and invaded South Vietnam.

South Vietnam quickly fell to North Vietnam, which created one, Socialist Vietnam.

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How did president Nixon's policies lead to American withdrawal from Vietnam?

Richard Nixon campaigned on the premise of withdrawal from Vietnam. His policy was to extricate the US from the war as soon as possible.

What role did Nixon play in the Vietnam war?

Upon ascension to office as the US president, Nixon began, and promptly completed, the US withdrawal from Vietnam.

How do you spell vietnamise?

The word for people or things from Vietnam is spelled Vietnamese.(The process of US withdrawal from the War was called "Vietnamization".)

The effect that the Vietnam war had on the policy of containment?

The Vietnam War, as the Korean War before it, demonstrated that the US would use FORCE to contain communism. The result of Vietnam also showed, that sometimes the US might fail in that policy.

Did the Vietnam war result in a lasting peace?

No, the Vietnam War ended when the last US forces evacuated from the rooftop of the US embassy by helicopter. The South Vietnamese government soon fell and North Vietnam was victorious.

Where were the US troops in the Vietnam war?

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

How long was Vietnam at war for?

Vietnam was at war with France before the US intervened in the sixties. In fact, they defeated the French in 1956 and became independent, but divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The Vietnam war the US was in was the result of the North and their communist sympathizers in the South (the Viet Cong) trying to unite the country under communism. When the US pulled out in 1975, they were successful.

What was the immediate result of the gulf of tonkin resolution?

Open war between the US and North Vietnam. The US commenced bombing North Vietnam immediately afterwards.

What was a consequence of North Vietnam winning the Vietnam War?

An all volunteer US Armed Forces as a result of draft resistance and protest.

What was the effect of the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

The result was open warfare between the US & North Vietnam, or it led to an expanded war in Vietnam.

What role did the US play in the Vietnam war Vietnam War?

The US was at war with North Vietnam (informally-not with documents signed/declaration of war).

Why was the US at war with Vietnam?

We were at war with Vietnam because they disagreed with us about something.

What year did President Eisenhower take us into war in Vietnam?

Eisenhower had US personnel present in South Vietnam to help the transition of French withdrawal in 1954; when they were gone, he promptly dispatched US troops to bolster South Vietnamese defenses in 1955.

Did the United states win the war with Vietnam?

With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

What did north Vietnam agree to in exchange for us withdrawal?

Anything to get the US out; and if takes a return of US POWs to do it, then its a deal!

What do the Afghanistan war and the Vietnam war have in common?

Nothing. The US is not at war w/Afghanistan. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

How did Nixon achieve an end to US involvement in Vietnam?

Nixon achieved an end to the US involvement in Vietnam by negotiating with North Vietnam. An agreement on a cease fire and withdrawal helped end the US involvement.

Why did US go to war with Vietnam?

The US went to war with Communist NORTH Vietnam to prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

What was the result of the lack of a formal declration in Vietman war?

The US Civil War and Vietnam War were undeclared wars. WWII was America's last declared war.

What are the differences with the war of Vietnam and Iraq?

The US is not at war Iraq. The US was at war with a nation called North Vietnam.

What was the US fatalities in the Vietnam War?

Over 58,000 US Servicemen died in the Vietnam War.

Why the US had a war with Vietnam?

During the Cold War, the US fought with Vietnam because of Communism

How did the Vietnam war end for the US?

The US redeployed; North Vietnam won the war (decisively).

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