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The Marne

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Q: What was the river in northern France that was the scene of several battles during World War 1?
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What was the town in northeastern France on the Meuse River where several battles occured during world war 1?


What is the town in northeastern France on the Meuse River that was a scene of several battles during World War 1?

AnswerIt is Verdun.

How many battles were fought in Normandy France during World War 2?

There were about ten different battles fought in Normandy during World War 2. No-one can be precise because some of the battles known under one name were actually several different battles so the number is imprecise.

How many battles were on mainland Greece during the Persian War?

There were several minor fights in northern Greece, and a delaying action at Thermopylae. The main battles were the sea battle at Salamis and the land battle at Plataia.

What battles was France involved in during world war 2?

They were in the Battle of France in which they fought the Germans and France lost

Where were most of the battles fought during world war 1?


Who survived the most battles during world war 1?


During which months is summer in France?

as France is in northern hemisphere so it is summer during June July and august

How many battles did France fight in during World War I?

I know for a fact that France won the Battle of Verdun

What season is it during Christmas in France?

France is Northern Hemisphere, so it's winter.

Were there any conflicts in Norway during World War 2?

NarvikAnswerWhen Germany invaded Norway there was several battles fought there, Narvik as mentioned alltough there was the first and the second battle of narvik and there was several other battles in Norway fought not only by norwegians and Germans but France and UK also sent soldiers to help Norway.

Which island served as a jumping off point for several battles during World War 2?

The island of Peleliu was the jumping off point for several battles in World War II.

What were 3 battles won by the north?

The North won several battles during the Civil War. Three of the battles won were the Battle of Murfreesboro, Battle of Vicksburg, and the Battle of Gettysburg.

What battles convinced France to become an ally of the American colonies during the revolution?

The Battle of Saratoga.

What are some northern African battles during World War 2?

el amien, battle of tunsia

River in northern France scene of several battles during World War 1?

The Somme river, known for: The river is perhaps most famous as a result of the World War I Battle of the Somme (July 1, 1916). The great battles which finally stopped the German advance in the Spring Offensive of 1918 were fought around the valley of the Somme in places like Villers Bretonneux, which marked the beginning of the end of the war.

The two major battles of the Civil War fought on Union soil were?

There were several battles which were fought on Union soil during the Civil War. Two of the major battles were Gettysburg and Antietam.

What was the town on the Meuse river that was the scene of several battles during World War 1?

Verdun. One of the most important battles was the Battle of Verdun.

Did any wars or battles occur in Kentucky?

During the US Civil War, the State of Kentucky was the site of several battles between the North and the South.

In what country were most of the battles during World War 1 fought?

France & Belgiun , the Western Front.

Was the civil war fought mostly on northern territory?

No. Although major battles such as Antietam and Gettysburg took place in Northern states (Maryland, Pennsylvania), the vast majority of battles took place during the invasion of the South by Union forces.

How many battles did Louis XIV lost?

King Louis the fourteenth was one of the most important rulers of France. During his reign Louis lost three battles.

Which Renaissance composer best represents the importance of composers in northern France and the Netherlands?

Josquin Desprez's career exemplifies the dominance of composers from northern France and the Netherlands during the Renaissance.

What are the battles of Desert Storm?

There were several battles that occurred during Desert Storm. Some included the Battle of 73 Easting, Battle of Norfolk, and Highway of Death.

What effect did the battle of saratoga have on the Americans?

During the American Revolutionary War, the battles occurring around Saratoga in 1777 had a powerful effect upon the overall conflict and thus the Americans themselves. For one thing, the battles stabilized the northern front of the war for the American cause. For another thing, the battles convinced France to support the Americans, and this support proved decisive in the victory that was ultimately won.