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Housekeeping and raising a family were the roles of women during the 1950's


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How did World war two affect the economic status of women in the U.S.?

It varies depending on which country you are referring to. There is certainly no universal status quo.

No-one. No World Cup were held in the 1940s.

Fascist American patriots who believed anything a poster told them being afraid of a world where everyone is equal.

It depends on which society and which region of the world and the time period you are referring to. Status of women varies greatly and has varied greatly throughout history and in modern day societies.

There is a Monark Bicycle Company (which operated in the 1940s and 1950s after World War II) and a Monarch Bicycle Company (which operated in the 1890s). Neither is still in business.

Dresses, skirts with blouses and blazers and jumpsuits if working in the manufactering companies. They wore the same type of clothes as slender women.

only 1 person had it in the entire world in the 1940s

Containment was the foreign policy meant to resist the expansion of the Soviet Union. This policy was implemented by the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

World War II & Communism

The NY Yankees won the World Series 6 times in the 1950s.

The First World War raised the status of minorities and women in the United States. Many African-Americans and women served in the war, and millions of women left home to work on the homefront. Women worked in factories, the post office, and in numerous government departments.

The status in the early 1940s were horrible because America was just coming out of the great Depression, but as World War II went along the economy grew better and better, so, by the time WWII was over, America's economy was pretty much all good.

For much of the 1940s, Australia was engage in World War II. After the war there was a large influx of foreigners and foreign investment.

Like in most of the ancient world, women were property. this view is still apparently held in much of some countries, including India to some degree.

Willa Mae Hemmons has written: 'Black women in the new world order' -- subject(s): African American women, Legal status, laws

No we haven't : ( and the sad part is I don't think we ever will. Men are not better but as long as they go on believing that they are we'll never have equal status

Thanks to World War 2 people had many jobs because of the need to build guns and tanks. Such as when women wanted to help in the fight to. Many women got jobs building things for the people in the military.

FIFA World Cup was not held in 1940's because of World War 2.

You betcha. That was the decade of peak railroading throughout the world.

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