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To help him out; the same role as a servant, until the Romans made his disciples watch him get crucified...

Their role is just to use the number "12" (see link on left "Why were there 12 disciples?) which is an important number during that time.


The same as ours. To witness about Jesus and win people to Christ.


They were like Jesus's posse. They helped spread the word of God and the news of Jesus and forgiveness. They also stood as witness to his life, and wrote of his story.


Their primary job was to witness Jesus' messiahship, then to preach it to the Jews upon his death. However, the majority of Jews rejection of the messiah led them to preach to all mankind. They were given the Holy Spirit after his death and given to remembrance of all they had seen and heard from Jesus. This allowed them to effectively witness to and save the unsaved. This also led them to be faithful servants during Jesus' life, and after. And for the record, there were 12 to start, then 2 more were added. When Judas the Traitor killed himself, the 11 remaining prayed and gave Matthias apostleship with them (Acts 1:25-26). Then Jesus chose Saul, the persecutor of Christians, and converted him. He was then renamed Paul, and he wrote most of the New Testament. Also, apostles can exist today, but the qualifications of that office are so great that no others have achieved it in almost 2000 years.

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Q: What was the role of Jesus's disciples?
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