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What was the role of a medieval priest?

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To hold church services for the townspeople and people of the manor

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The priest provided for the spiritual well being of the villagers. He performed church services, such as baptism and mass, and he provided guidance.

The medieval priest ate trout and tobacco leaves.

most priest lived in a dwelling or inside a church

the role that the roman catholic church played in medieval europe was big. the roman catholic church had more power then the monarch. they king would usually ask the priest for advise in wha he should do.

they were the head priest of a city.

when a priest celebrates the sacrament he exercises his role as. what

What role did a medieval baron play?It was the rank if noblitly.

Parish priest in medieval days did essentially the same things that priest do today. They visited with parishioners, counseled them, took confessions, and comforted the sick.

Desiderius Erasmus, Thomas Becket

The priest conducted the services in the church, which normally would include Mass. The priest might also exercise some decision making authority on other things going on in the church, such as the production of a morality play.

Being a Squire in medieval times

The role of a high priest in casting spells is that the priest can cast more powerful spells in which a normal spell caster cannot complete. The high priest specializes in love spells.

the role in the roman government was serving as a priest

The most important role of the priest is to perform mass. Without a priest, we could have no communion. A deacon can do almost everything else a priest can do, but only a priest (or higher) may perform transubstantiation (the miracle of turning bread into the body of Christ).

The role of a christian priest is to baptise children, preach to a service, vows (when people are getting married) , and preaching at funerals.

The normally wore robes which were black / brownin color.

they sufferd from the plague thought to be brought on by god

medieval times queens position at middle ages.

An armourer was just that he made and maintained armour. The role of a maidservant is also explanatory, she did what she was told/asked to do, and was quite a lowly person in the household.

To work. That is what slaves do.

The role of a messenger in Medieval Times was to give messages to the King and Queen or give them presents from other Kings and Queens.

medieval men had loads of jobs but in the village their were villeins who work for the lord. theres the cottar, priest, reeve and bailiff.

It taught them to learn about the bible and to trust the priest

hat they did was they went to peoples marrages, deaths and births

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