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== == The North enlisted about 100,000 black soldiers and they acquitted themselves well in numerous battles. Watch the movie "Glory" to learn about their early experiences and the first battle they were in.

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Q: What was the role of black soldiers in the war?
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What was the role of black soldiers in World War 2?

Primarily logistical support and medical.

Did black soldiers fight in World War 1?

Yes, Black Soldiers did fight in World War 1

What role did black soldiers play in the Civil War?

Black soldiers added a lot to the population of the Union army. They had skills from working hard, and required little to no pay. They added many to the Union army, as the Confederate army had an overwhelming amount of white soldiers.

Differences between white and black soldiers in the civil war?

The black soldiers were not treated or paid equally. At first the black soldiers were paid as laborers.

What were black soldiers called during the civil war?

Soldiers, you racist.

What was the role of soldiers in war?

To kill and to break things.

How did black soldiers help American win the war?

What war.

How many black soldiers died in World War 1?

none, as black soldiers were only invented in 1921.

Where there black soldiers fighting for the union?

At first there were no black soldiers fighting for the union until later on during the war.

What is the significance of the movie Glory?

Answer The movie Glory highlighted the role of the black soldiers who fought in the American Civil War. This was the first time black men served in the US Army. Later, the black soldier was used in the US Cavalry out west in the Plains Indian Wars. This movie was significant in that it informed the public of the role of the black soldier of the Civil War.

How were the soldiers of world war 1 not mentally prepared for the horrors of the war?

The soldiers wernt prepared for the war because they didnt have Black Ops

Name of a black civil war soldiers?


How did the black soldiers contribute in the civil war?

With guns

How many black soldiers fought in the American war in the revolutionary war?


What was the role of the women once the war began?

producing more soldiers!

What is the role of Canadian soldiers in World War 1?

licked balls

Did African Americans fight in the Spanish American War?

yes they did and the role they played in the war were soldiers

Was true of black soldiers in the us army during World War 1?

yes black people were in the war

What did the black union soldiers in the civil war eat?

The black Union soldiers of the Civil War ate what everybody else ate, one of the meals were stewed donkey meat.

What is the role of the attack helicopters in the first gulf war?

The role of the attack helicopters in the first gulf war was to destabilize the foot soldiers of the Iraqis with a view to providing a leeway for the advancement of the Allied Forces foot soldiers

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How many black soldiers died in the Vietnam war?


Did black soldiers serve in World War 1?

yes they did

How were black soldiers helpful in the rev war?

they did nothing but cry

Was there black soldiers in the spanish-American war?