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What was the role of children in the 1900s?

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The children had to work and do household chores. Unless rich, then they went to school.

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Did children get educagtion in the 1900s?

Children in the 1900s were sent to Canada to be trained as assassins of the future. They were not taught to read or write just kill.

What jobs did children do in the 1900s?

pretty bad

When did the role of congressional staff members grow?

early 1900s

What was the role of Czar Nicholas II during the 1900s?

he was the emperor

Did children in factories go to school in the 1900s?

yes they did

Did children go to school in Canada in 1900s?


What needs did the children in the mid 1900s have?

they needed houses

What did children do in the 1900s?

the chlidren in the 1900's wore clothes

How many women and children worked in factories in the 1900s?


What did children call their parents in the early 1900s?

Penis and Buttsack

The role of congressional staff members grew during this period?

Early 1900s

How long did children in the 1900s stay at school?

till about 8th grade

What is the theme of Independence Day for 2010?

school children from the 1850s - 1900s

How much did children get paid in the 1900s?

I believe that depends on what job the child had.

What did adults think of children in the 1900s?

The view of children in the 1900s was incredibly strict. Parents expected their children to always behave in public, to do as they're told immediately, and to be kind and respectful. It is true that many of the high society families rarely interracted with their children, but families formed tight bonds.

What games did children play in the early 1900s?

Can you please tell my I do not known either!

What is the role of children in Islam?

The role of children in Islam is to obey and honor their parents.

What are the role of parents?

The role of parents are to always protect your children. They have to be a good role model, and they have to guide their children in life.

Did the US expand its role in the latin American in the early 1900s?

Kinda after George Washington dies

What is the role of Navajo children?

Roll or role?

The suffrage movement of the early 1900s fought to give children the right to vote?


Was there discrimination in the 1900s?

Yes there was. people discriminated over women children races and religion

What was the result of the increased concern about labor by children and women in the early 1900s?

Read it on the internet -_-

What are my Role and responsibilities in safeguarding children from abuse as a ta?

The issue is children, your role and responsibilities are not the issue

Why did the US expand its role in latin america in the early 1900s?

Since John F kennedy assianted