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Men were conscripted into military sevice. Women were to work in factories.

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Who was the War leader of Japan in 1941?

Hirohito was the emperor of Japan during World War II. It is believed he had an active role in the military actions of his country during that time.

What role did Japan have in World war 1?

Japan was part of the allies in WWI.

What Role did Hideki Tojo Play in World War 2?

He was the leader of Japan. Also the Prime minister of Japan

Which statement best describes the US' changing role in the world during the 19th century?

It went from a great power to an isolationist nation, much like Japan

What is the role of Japan during worl war 2?

committing really cruel war crimes.

What was New Zealand's role in World War 2?

NZ role was to help other country's fight the axis (germany,italy and Japan) and to prevent japan coming to bomb on NZ

What was the role of women during the war?

The role of woman during World War 2 was to make supplies for the people over seas

What role did nuclear weapons play in the allied victory during World War 2?

Two were dropped on Japan, which gave them an excuse to end the war quickly without losing face.

What was hilers role during world war 2?

There is no such individual known as hiler that had a role in WW2.

What role did general Douglas MacArthur play during the us occupation of japan?

He was the military governor of Japan. Some historians referred to him as the unofficial American shogun.

What was the role of the European colonies during World War 1?

The role of the European colonies during World War I was to provide Vital Supplies, like food and clothing and weapons and troops.

What role did America and Japan play in world war 2?

1 was an ally and the other was an axis

What role did the us play in opening japan to foreign trade?

Admiral Perry forced Japan into world trade at "cannon point", in the 19th century.

What was Shingwaukonse's role during 1812?

I am really sorry I dont know Shimgwaukonse role during the 1812 world I would also like to know

What is a WRPG?

A WRPG is a western role-playing game - a role-playing game which was made in the Western World rather than in Japan - JRPG - or elsewhere.

Who were the big 3 and what was their role in World War 2?

The Big 3 was Germany Japan and Italy who claimed that they will take over the world.

What was the Lord Chamberlain's role in conflict during World War 2?

He was the prime minister during part of World War 2.

How does the role of Vietnamese civilians in the war in Vietnam compare to the role Iraqi civilians in the war in Iraq?

Civilians in all wars become inter twined with events taking place. Southern civilians during the U.S. Civil War 1861-1865, civilians in occupied France during WWII, and civilians in South Vietnam during the war, all, unfortunately become involved. If the conflict, such as WWI for example, takes places in a more "traditional clear cut setting" such as trenches two miles north of their city, then the intermingling of soldiers and civilians may be less complicated. But if their is NO "clear cut" front lines, then the war (conflict) becomes more complicated when the enemy soldier can and does try to intermingle with the civilians. Instead of a front line soldier we now have a guerrilla or insurgent. He sells you food in the local store by day, and fights against you when he becomes a guerrilla or insurgent by night. During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong, who were Southern sympathizers, often operated as guerrilla/insurgents. They were largely eliminated during the TET offensive of 1968, because they surfaced into the open, and were clearly identified. From 1968 on, the U.S. and allies were now, predominately, facing the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), a far more deadly foe.

Major role of japan in World War 2?

They bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The dirty rats.

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