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the role of monks and nuns were to help and teach students.

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Q: What was the role of monks and nuns in the middle ages?
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What role did monks and nuns play in the Church in The Middle Ages?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe same role that they have always filled: to give glory and honor to God. In the middle ages, there were more people who were closer to God, and thus, more people who gave their lives to God in the monastery. There are monks and nuns today all over the world who arise very early, pray the Divine Office, sing Mass daily, and give their lives in meditation and silent work interceding for the rest of us, just as they did in the Middle Ages.

What role did the monstrays play in Europe?

A monastary is a building that houses either monks or nuns. In Europe they played a big role because they also served as the living quarters of the cathedral clergy and the bishop. The Monks living in them from the Middle Ages and beyond maintained European history by copying and recopying in Latin many historical records.

Do those who are not monks have any role in Buddhism?

Yes, those who are not ordained monks or nuns have always had an important role in the community of Buddhists. As Buddhism spread from what is today India to other eastern countries and, in the 20th century, to the west, it adapted itself to different cultures. Today in the west, most Buddhists are not celibate monks or nuns. Communities of monks and nuns are usually supported by many practitioners outside those communities. Most people today who engage in Buddhist practices designed to minimize suffering are neither monks nor nuns. .

Why jobs did the monks and nuns do?

Buddhist monks and nuns did not have income earning jobs as they could not handle money or earn income. Their role in society was to help teach lay practioners but their ultimate job is to attain enlightenment.

What was the role of monks and nuns?

Monks and Nuns had several roles in medival society. They educated children, took in travelers, took care of widows and orphans, not to mention without monastaries all of the knowledge of antiqiuty would have been lost.

What was the role of monks in middle ages?

provide medical services when neededreligious servicesprovide a stopping point for travelerscopy and write bookstook in children who had been left at their gates

What was the role of monks and nuns in medieval history?

Same as it is today to see to the religious education and souls of man. Monks often copied books by hand and wrote books. They were one of the few groups that could read and write. Some nuns and monks gave medical help when they could or took in children who had been left at their door/gate.

What was the role of skilled workers in middle ages?

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What is the role of a reeve in the middle ages?

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What was the role of the church at looking after the poor in the middle ages?

They helped them

What was the role of hospitalers during the Middle Ages?

to "toss my salad"

What did role did serf play in the Middle Ages?

They were slave and did what they were told.

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