What was the role of the Israeli Air Force in the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 or Six Day War?

The Israeli air force or the IAF was used on the first day of the war in an operation called "Moked" to wipe out the entire air force's of the countries surrounding Israel. Those counties were Egypt .Jordan Syria and Iraq.

During the first day of the war Israel attacked Egypt's air force (while they were mostly on the ground) and completely destroyed it , then Israel attacked the other countries air forces.

In total after the first day of this 6 days war Israel destroyed 350 air planes out of the 600 the Arabs had with only the 203 air planes Israel had back then. This happened because the Israeli pilots were much better trained and caught the Arabs by surprise. This lead to an Israeli win, without the help of the Allies.

Having superior air power, granted after the elimination of the Egyptian Air Force, allowed Israel to react much more swiftly to the multi-front attack that they were facing, even as ground forces were slower to move from point to point.