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Before entering the war, the US was declaring itself neutral during the fighting and serving only as a goods provider for both sides but with a clear bias for Triple Entente (France Britain Russia serbia-allies) as opposed to triple alliance (Germany Ottoman Empire Italy-central powers).
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Q: What was the role of the US in World War 1?
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Did US played a role in World War 1?


How did World War 1 change the role of the US as a world power?

This should be right

What role did the US troops play in World War 1?

The US troops helped the Allies win the war.

What was France role war world 1?

they were an allie in 1914 before the US joined the war

Did the US heavily punish Germany for their role in World War 1?


How did the role of the US on the world stage change between the Spanish American War and entry into World War 1?

The US attained the status as a World Power as a result of the Spanish American War.

What was the role of the US homefront in World War 1?

to bake cookies and cakes for soilder

Who is John Pershing and what role did he play in World War 1?

He was a General of the US Armies

Went to jail for criticizing the us role in World War 1?

eugene debs

How did World War 1 impact the lives of women in the US after the war?

Women began playing a large role in the workforce.

What role did the US armed forces play in winning World War 1?

i know about world war II but not world war I i know on world war II is japan tried to lay a bomb on Augusta.

What role did the us government play in regulating the economy during world war 1?

To pribent the Germans

Who was the world leader that played role in World War 1 and World War 2?

Hitler -.-

How and why did the US enter World War 1 Describe the role the US played in the war?

its massive navy stoped most German attacks on convoys of brtish ships and when

What was the role of Denmark in World War 1?

Denmark was a neutral country in World War I

What role did the alliance between France Britain and the US play in World War 1?


What was the US' role in the international community during World War 1?

Largely neutral until 1917.

What role did nationalism play in the cause of World War 1?

Nationalism played a major role in the cause of World War 1. In addition, militarism, alliance, and imperialism played a major role.

Role of church in World War 1?

The church played a BIG ROLE!

What was the Egyptian role in world war 1?


What role did unrestricted submarine warfare have on the us during world war 1?

We warned them not to return to "un-restricted warfare." They did it anyway; we declared war.

What role did middle east play in World War 1?

The Middle East played a large role in World War 1. Their sultan declared a military jihad (holy war) against France, Russia and Great Britain during World War 1.

What role did the US play in World War 1 and World War 2?

Both times the US was late in the game. The US had the attitude of "its Europes war, we dont care." Both times the US 'saved the day'. They came in with troops and financial backing the helped bolster the Allies.

What was the importance of World War I on the US and the world?

US and world were imported greatly by world war 1. World war 1 involved the world, so you could see the import it had on world just by the name of the war (which is world war 1 in case you didn't know). Further analysis would lead one to discover that US is in world and thus also a part of world war 1. Hopefully this has helped you understand the import of world war 1.