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Q: What was the role of the aristocracy in the Shang Dynasty?
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What characterized china under the shang dynasty?

Was mostly a farming society ruled by aristocracy

What was the role of women in the shang dynasty?

it baby

What dynasty was shang part of?

Shang was part of the ........ Shang Dynasty.:) (:

What happened in the Shang Dynasty?

IN the shang dynasty peopklendknsk

What dynasty did Shang Yang come from?

The Shang dynasty.

How was the zhou dynasty similar to the Shang Dynasty?

How was the Zhou dynasty diffrent from the Shang dynasty

Who led the defeated the Shang Dynasty?

um, i think it was the Zhou dynasty... first was the Xia dynasty. the Shang dynasty conquered them...and then the zhou dynasty conquered the shang dynasty.

China's second dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty. But the Zhou Dynasty conquered the Shang Dynasty afterwards

What dynasty comes after the shang?

The Zhou Dynasty comes after the Shang

How did the Zhou defeat the Shang Dynasty?

How did the Shang Dynasty ended

When was Shang Dynasty created?

Shang Dynasty was created in 1600.

The Shang Dynasty followed which dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was believed to be after the Xia Dynasty, according to some sources.

What dynasty ruled after the Shang Dynasty?

The Western Zhou dynasty came after the Shang dynasty in ancient China.

When did the Shang Dynasty begin?

The Shang Dynasty began in 1766 to 1122.

Did the Shang Dynasty have a leader?

Yes, the leader of the Shang Dynasty was Tang!

Where there samurais in the Shang Dynasty?

The shang dynasty was in china, the samurai were in japan.

How did the shang dynasty end?

The Zhou Dynasty Conquered The Shang dynasty. TASH, <3 giggle

What was the last Shang Dynasty capital?

The last shang dynasty capital was Yin.

What is a sentence using the word Shang Dynasty?

I am not very familiar with the Shang Dynasty.

Who is the creator of the Shang Dynasty?

Shang Tang.

Where is shang China?

shang was a dynasty not a place.

When did the zhou dynasty rule over the Shang Dynasty?

It didn't because the zhou was the king of the shang dynasty

What dynasty followed the xia dynasty?

Shang dynasty

What was the next dynasty after xia dynasty?

Shang dynasty

What dynasty is the first dynasty of china?

The Shang Dynasty