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What was the role of the women in colonial Georgia?


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They made clothes and cooked meals. They sometimes had to work in the fields or trade.

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In colonial times, women weaved sewed, cooked, and tended to the children.

Women played a big role in farming in Colonial Delaware. Women were responsible for cultivating the crops as well as tending to their own homes and families.

all people who were in a search for religious freedom were allowed to come to colonial Georgia, all except catholics.

they cooked and cleaned and watched the kids and did laundry and gardened.

The colonial women helped by boycotting tea and other fancy extras.

William Stephens was the president of colonial Georgia

Savannah was the capital city of Colonial Georgia.

obey their fathers and husbands, nurture their children.

this is when colonial in Georgia settletde this is when colonial in Georgia settletde

The main exports of colonial Georgia were tobacco and sugar cane.

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Colonial women played an important role in the bycott.Groups of women called the Daughters of Liberty wove cloth and made other goods to replace imported British goods.

The land in Georgia in colonial times, is similar to the land in Georgia now

the ate green beans and shucked corn. but when it comes to jobs i have no idea.

Approximately 2500 people resided in colonial Georgia.

Yes, Georgia traded with the Indians in Colonial times.

Colonial Georgia was in the southern colony. Right under South Carolina.

Georgia had multiple plantations.

Virtually everyone below adult age was 'home-schooled' then, and women played the primary role in this function. Ah, the good ol' days.

Women played an important role in the agricultural work and in domestic work. They were expected to marry and have children. The Lords Proprietors, in 1663, encouraged active immigration of women and were offered land as grants.

Yes there was apothecary women in colonial times!!

The colonial people in Georgia were people from England who wanted a better life than what they had in England.

Colonial women couldn't vote or own property.

Colonial Georgia was governed by the trustees who founded the colony, until 1752, when it became a royal colony.

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