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women played a very important role during World War 1. While men were out fighting in the war, women went out of the homes to the mills to help in the production process.

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What awards were women presented with because of their help in world war 1?

Women were not allowed to serve in the militaryduring WWI

Why did the Roman Catholic Church strongly resist suffrage for women during the 1940s?

Women in the U.S. received the right to vote after WWI. What exactly are you referring to during the 1940s?

What were the gains made by women during ww1?

Before WWI men worked and women had few jobs, but when WWI came all the men had to go to war and the women took over their jobs. Some example of jobs were store clerks or factory workers.

What is the role of women during the gold rush?

The role of women was to work in or run boardinghouses, hotels, laundries, and stores.

What role did women have in UK society before the ww1?

women should've been ironing during the war because that's their role in society. women should've been ironing during the war because that's their role in society.

What was the role of women during the mughal empire?

I believe women were treated as slaves.

What was the role of the Panama Canal in WWI?

The Panama Canal did not have a big role in World War I. There were several landslides during that time period that the Panama Canal was underutilized.

Who was commanding Europe in WW1?

There were many different commanders in Europe during WWI, as each country had their own. The leader of the UK during WWI was first Herbert Asquith and then David Lloyd George. The leader of France during WWI was Georges Clemenceau. The leader of Italy during WWI was first Antonio Salandra and then Vittorio Orlando. The leader of Serbia during WWI was King Peter I. The leader of Russia during WWI was Czar Nicholas II. The leader of Germany during WWI was Kaiser Wilhelm II. The leader of Austria-Hungary during WWI was first Franz Joseph I and then Karl I. The leader of the Ottoman Empire during WWI was Mehmed V. The leader of Bulgaria during WWI was Czar Ferdinand I.

Woman's role in the 1960s?

Women during the 1960's were TRANSITIONING to the women of today.

What role did women play in the war?

womens role was to help as nurses womens role was to help as nurses womens role was to help as nurses Improved Answer ;] In WWI womens role: Thousands of women replaced men in factories, offices, and shops. Women built tanks and munitions, plowed fields, paved streets, and ran hospitals. They also kept troops supplied with food, clothing, and weapons.

What were the opportunities for women after World War 1?

During WWI new factory jobs were opened and filled with women. Not only that it became known as the 19th Amendment when women had the right to vote.

How did women gain greater freedom in the 1920's?

By having demonstrated their ability to manage things during WWI.

What role did women play during the war?

Women fought on the "homefront." This meant that in their home countries they would work to support soldiers over seas. Whether they were working in factories to produce bullets, or were selling the war bonds in the streets they were major contributors to war efforts in WWI and WWII.

What role did women play during the revolutionary war?

Women had a definite role to play during the Revolutionary War. Specifically, women were nurses, seamstresses, cooks, and maids. Some also even served as spies and soldiers.

What was the role of women during the war?

The role of woman during World War 2 was to make supplies for the people over seas

How did the role of women in the roman society change during the era of the republic?

The role of women in the Roman society changed during the Era of the Republic. No longer relegated to the house, wealthier women were gaining in education and freedom to spend money.

How did US involvement in World War 1 affect women and African Americans?

During WWI many men had to leave their jobs and go to war. With a shortage of men, many women and African Americans had ot take over their jobs. WWI brought many women into the workforce and showed that women African Americans worked hard too.

What was Dwight D. Eisenhower role during World war 1?

He wasn't in WWI, but commander of US forces in WW11.

What did franz Ferdinand do in the war?

Franz Ferdinand was dead during the war, his role in WWI is that he was the spark, the event that set off the war when he was assasinated.

What was life like for women during world war 1?

WWI was a significant change for the role of women in society. With so many men leaving to fight in the war, many jobs had to be filled with women. In addition, a certain practicality began to change the fashions at that time, so skirts got shorter, corsets got looser, and clothes were much simpler.

What kind of jobs did the women do during the world war 1?

During the time of WWI, it was uncommon for women to work outside of the home. By the time WWII rolled around, women were working in factories, ship yards, and many other formerly men only jobs.

How did ww1 affect womens suffrage?

During WWI, the suffragettes decided to stop protesting for the vote for women, and instead help with the war movement. Although women were not allowed at the front to fight, they instead mainly worked for the war at home. Many trained as nurses, while others drove ambulances etc. Women in Britain proved themselves during the four years of WWI, and it was mainly why they got the Vote for women over 30 in 1920.

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