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Brazilian's Life Expectancy in rural areas?

It is 79 for men and 86 for women as an overall average for the country, but I don't know what it is in rural areas

What is the average age at marriage for women in the rural area of the Philippines?

The average age of marriage for a women who lives in a rural area in the Philippines is 17 years of age. In city areas, women typically marry by the age of 22.

Why do men and women live the longest in USA?

I believe they live longer in rural areas of Russia,

What do women in costa rica wear?

Women in Costa Rica wear tight and revealing clothing in urban areas. Those who live in rural areas dress more conservatively.

Do french women shave?

some do and some do not, it depends a lot on the age of the women especially those living in rural areas. ( this goes for many European women)

What is dress for women in Turkey?

Mostly the same as western women. Some religious ones wear turban etc. and W women in the rural areas are dressed traditionally of course

Who migrated during the Great Migration that occurred in the US during World War 1?

Mainly African Americans, and some women. They generally migrated from the rural South to the North, where there were many jobs to be taken.

What has the author Jacqueline Nowak Smucker written?

Jacqueline Nowak Smucker has written: 'The role of rural Haitian women in Development' -- subject(s): Rural women, Women in agriculture, Women in rural development

Women in the wer?

Until World War II, women who served in the wars were primarily nurses and secretaries. During World War II, women were used as pilots to fly soldiers to and from the battlefield areas. They flew the planes that flew soldiers home.

What has the author Zubeida M Ahmad written?

Zubeida M. Ahmad has written: 'Programme on Rural Women' -- subject(s): International Labour Office, International Labour Office. Programme on Rural Women, Rural women, Women's employment 'Women workers in rural development'

What is the position of women in India compared to other nations?

Indian women though constitutionally liberated, actually enjoy little freedom in India . Although in urban areas women are accorded significant economic and social freedom and opportunities, the rural India still has a lot of problems for women. Violence is one such issue to which all women are exposed whether from urban or rural areas. The recent rise in rape cases in capital New Delhi is a worrying sign.

What has the author M P Boraian written?

M. P. Boraian has written: 'Empowerment of rural women' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Rural women, Women in rural development, Statistics

When was Barli Development Institute for Rural Women created?

Barli Development Institute for Rural Women was created in 1985.

What has the author Tamara Jacka written?

Tamara Jacka has written: 'Rural women in urban China' -- subject(s): China, Economic conditions, Internal Migration, Migrant labor, Migration, Internal, Rural women, Rural-urban migration, Social conditions, Women internal migrants 'Women's work in rural China' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Employment, Rural women, Women

What has the author Geoffrey Griffith written?

Geoffrey Griffith has written: 'Poverty alleviation for rural women' -- subject(s): Women in rural development, Economic conditions, Rural development projects, Non-governmental organizations, Poor women, Women

What were the Roles of women in the nineteenth century?

"The Revolt of 'Mother'." What does the story suggest about the role of women in rural New England during the latter part of the nineteenth century?

What is the average life span of an India women?

The average life span is decreasing in urban areas compared to rural areas of India. Why the difference? The nourishing climate, physical exercise that comes as a part of daily routine due to scarce access to time saving (physical work saving) gadgets, lesser noise, air and thought pollution compared to women staying in urban areas are the likely factors for longer lifespan of women in rural India. I have no statistics to support the above view.

How did the roles of women in the US and in Great Britain during World War 2 compare?

Women in both countries began to work factory jobs and in other areas that had been previously reserved for men.

What effect did the civil war have on women?

Some of them literally went insane, died, or lived life on farms in rural areas, just like the men.

How did women serve during world war 1?

Women served as pilots and nurses during the war.

What has the author Nurun Nahar Kabir written?

Nurun Nahar Kabir has written: 'Impact of income, education, nutrition, and family planning interventions on women's development' -- subject(s): Case studies, Rural women, Social conditions, Women in rural development, Economic conditions 'Impact of development programmes on rural women' -- subject(s): Rural women, Social conditions, Women in rural development, Economic conditions

What has the author Dienke Nijeboer written?

Dienke Nijeboer has written: 'Women in rural Botswana' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Social conditions, Women in rural development, Women

Three positions women held in the workforce during World War 2?

3 positions women held in the workforce during the war3 position women held in the workforce during the world war 1.

What were the roles of Russian women during World War 2?

During World War 2, women were involved in war work and as members of the military.

What traditional clothes do Turkish people wear?

Turkey is fairly European when it comes to clothing. In the larger cities dress code for both men and women is pretty much what you would see in any large European city. Younger people in particular follow high fashion. Out in the rural areas there is less of a propensity toward fashion but men's clothing is typical of rural areas of say,France or Spain. Traditional women tend to wear headscarves and do not expose their bodies anywhere nearly as much as non traditional women. So, in short, it depends where you are. In Istanbul you might believe you were in Paris. In rural areas it is more traditional.

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