What was the scene where eros played his role?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What was the scene where eros played his role?
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Who is the role of eros?

eros was the son of aphrodite and ares he is most commonly known today as cupid

What did Edmund barton achieve?

Sir Edmund Barton's work in the Australian Political scene played a large role in the formation of the federation of Australia and in the draughting of its constitution.

Was Matthew McConaughey in the movie pretty woman?

Yes he was - he played a very small role in the Opera scene opposite the singer

What was the real name of the horse that played secretariat?

Many different horses played the role of Secretariat. I know that every scene with a horse rearing up is "Mr. T".

What was Eros real name in life?

ARO is played by Michael Sheen

Who was the god of eros?

Eros was the god of eros. Eros is Greek for love or sexual desire.

In what year did Eros International PLC - EROS - have its IPO?

Eros International PLC (EROS)had its IPO in 2013.

What is the Greek name for Eros?

The Greek name for the God Eros is Eros.. The Latin name for Eros is Cupid

Who played Belle Watling in Gone With the Wind?

According to the IMDb website, the role of Beau Wilkes, son of Ashley and Melanie Wilkes, was played by Mickey Kuhn (in the scene where Melanie is dying) and Gary Carlson (uncredited - in the scene where Melanie is feeding the returning soldiers.)

What is Eros mothers name?

Eros's mother was Aphrodite. Eros's father was Zeus.

What is eros's appearance?

Eros is a Cupid .

What was pa ben's role in the opening scene of old story time?

Pa ben's role in the opening scene of old story time was to gather around his audience for him to tell his story. Pa Ben create a scene of a storytelling area and gives the reader an idea of his role in the story.