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The Virginia dynasty

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Q: What was the series of early presidents from the same state called?
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Which state is called the President's state?

There is not a state called the Presidents state. There is a state known as the Mother of Modern Presidents and that is Ohio.

What state was called mother of presidents?

It is Virginia bcus 8 presidents wer born in that state :)

Which state is called the Cradle of Presidents?

The state that is often referred to as the Cradle of Presidents is Ohio. To date, eight presidents have been from Ohio.

Do presidents day represent all presidents?

Yes it doesIt depends on the laws of your state. There is no federal holiday called Presidents' Day. Some states have a state holiday called Presidents' Day and depending on the state it may honor Washington and Lincoln or it may honor all former presidents.

Which state is often called the mother of presidents?


What state is often called the mother of presidents?


Which state has the nickname mother of presidents?

The state of Virginia is called "Mother of Presidents" because many presidents were born in this state such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Tyler, among others.

What name is given to Virginia because of the number of presidents coming from the state?

It is called the Mother of Presidents.

Does Canada have presidents?

Canada does not have presidents. The person who runs the country is called the Prime Minister. There is also a ceremonial head of state called the Governor General. But no president.

Which state is called the Cradle of states?

I meant the Cradle of presidents. and the answer is Washington.

Which state is called the presidents state?

Virginia and Ohio are both known as "The mother of presidents" due to large number of presidents born there. Ohio's nickname sometimes is varied as" The mother of modern presidents"

What state is the mother of presidents?

Virginia has been called that, since 8 US presidents were born in Virginia, all before 1860.

What is the presidents annual message to the congress and the US called?

State of the Union Address

Why do some states produce more presidents then others?

Early in American history, it was because some states, such a Virginia, had been at state longer than the rest. Hence, more presidents call Virginia there birth state than any other state.

What presidents are celebrated on Presidents' Day?

It depends on where you live. There is no national federal holiday called Presidents' Day, but several states have designated state holidays called Presidents' Day (various spellings). In some of those states the holiday honors Washington and Lincoln, whereas in others it honors all former presidents.

Seven presidents have lain in state?

What is the meaning " Seven presidents have lain in state?

Which state is called the mother of presidents because eight US pesidents were born there?


Which state gave us the most presidents?

Virginia is the home state to the most presidents.

What state has monument of four giant presidents and what is this monument called?

The monument is called Mount Rushmore, and it is located in South Dakota.

Why is Sweden called a welfare state?

Sweden is called a welfare state because it had a dissertaion back in the early 2000 called resilient welfare

What is the presidents most important speech to congress each year?

It is called "the state of the union" address.

What state is some times called Beaver state?

Oregon is called "The Beaver State". Early Oregon history involved the beaver. the beaver is the official state animal.

What state is the presidents faces on mountain?

The monument is called Mt. Rushmore, and it's located in South Dakota.

What state has the nickname Mother of Presidents?

Eight U.S. Presidents were born in Virginia, earning the state the nickname "Mother of Presidents." (Ohio has seven, plus W.H. Harrison who lived in the state and held office there. )

What series of law did the new southern state legislatures pass in 1865 and early 1866?

The black codes