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When the wall fell it ended the Cold War. Communism was no more in Eastern Europe, namely in Germany. It was greatly significant to the Berlin people, particularly those in East Berlin, because when the wall went up, it cut off East Berliners' only chance of escape to a better life apart from Communistic rule. West Berlin was quickly becoming one of the best European cities once again, while East Berlin had gone downhill drastically: economically, spiritually, and politically. When the wall fell it meant that the people of Berlin could once again be a whole city. West and East combined to make the complete city of Berlin once more. Although East Berlin has still not caught up completely to it's much wealthier and attractive counterpart in the West, the West has given greatly to its cause. It is becoming much easier to find jobs and a good home in East Berlin than it ever was, or was close to becoming when Communism ruled there. After the wall fell, many young people, and young families moved back into the city to start a new life, as well as many artsists of all kinds. There are still those in the East that wish communism was still there, but they are very much the minority. There is also still tension between the West and East due to how much the West has had to give up to help it's other half regain its health. Those in the West are still called Wessies and the Eastern Berliners are still called Ossies. There is now a double brick line on the streets of Berlin that traces where the wall once stood around West Berlin, as well as segments of the wall that still remain standing as a testament to what once happened in such a great city.

It marked the end of the Cold War in Europe.

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Q: What was the significance of the Berlin Wall falling?
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Bulgaria and relationship with Berlin Wall?

After the falling of the Berlin wall and the ending of the USSR, Bulgarian is no more communistic country.

How did the Fall of Berlin Wall effect the rest of the world?

The berlin wall affected the world by taking the east and west of falling it

When do Germans celebrate the falling of the Berlin Wall?

November 9th.

What symbolized the end of communism in Europe?

the falling of the berlin wall

What events is associated with the presidency of Ronald Reagan?

The falling of the Berlin wall

What is the significance of the destruction of the Berlin Wall?

due to the desstrucyion of the Berlin wall the German unification took place main contributor was mikhail gorbachew.

Could we have stopped the Berlin Wall from falling?

There is no way to stop Gravity bro!

What were some events that led to the falling of the Berlin Wall?

Hungarians opened their border

What was a major world event that happened during reagans presidency?

the falling of the Berlin Wall.

Why is the Berlin wall called the Berlin wall?

because the wall was in the city Berlin

Where are the Berlin wall the Great Wall of China?

The Berlin Wall is in Berlin. and guess what the great wall of china is in.. China

What city was the Berlin Wall built in?

The Berlin Wall was built in Berlin.

What is the wall in Berlin called?

Berlin Wall

Is the Berlin Wall still there?

No, the Berlin Wall is no longer there but fragments of the wall can still be seen. The Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989.

What cities were on either side of the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall surrounded West Berlin. Therefore... Inside the Berlin Wall: West Berlin Outside the Berlin Wall: The two closest cities were Potsdam to the west, and East Berlin to the east.

What about the Berlin wall?

The Berlin Wall was built in Germany in August of 1961. The Berlin Wall was built to separate East Germany and East Berlin from West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1990 which allowed for unification of West and East Berlin.

Which country used to have a dividing wall called in Berlin wall?

The Berlin Wall divided East Berlin from West Berlin in Germany.

What important thing happened on the year of 1989?

Many things. The most famous was the falling of the Berlin Wall.

When was the destruction of the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1989. The Berlin Wall was used as a barrier between West Berlin and East Berlin and East Germany.

Where was Berlin wall?

The Berlin wall is the middle of Berlin as divider.

What cities were divided by the Berlin Wall?

Berlin was the city divided by the Berlin Wall.

What is the significance of the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall separated West Berlin from East Berlin and wider East Germany and stood as a solid barrier between the Communist and Capitalist States. It was also indicative of the fact that people were fleeing from the Communist East to the Capitalist West and that the "success" of Communism was facial at best.

What are the world's most historical events?

Hitler and the holacost would have to be one of them... maybe the Berlin wall falling down....

Where did the Berlin wall split Berlin?

The Berlin wall didn't split Berlin, it surrounded the western sectors of the city

What city was divided by the Berlin wall after World War 2?

You answered your own question in your question. Berlin was divided by the "Berlin" wall. That is why it is called the Berlin Wall.