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It was named Blue Frosty

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Where can you buy convenience food?

convenience store

How old do you have to be to sell beer in a convenience store?

21 in the US you can work in a convenience store at the age of 18...

Where was the World's first convenience store?

The proper answer would be unknown. There were convenience stores all over the world. Even it wasn't being called convenience stores, those stores would still sell items for everyday use or convenience.

What is the motto of Tom's Convenience Store?

The motto of Tom's Convenience Store is 'U want it, U need it, U love it!'.

Are convenience store plumbing parts the same quality as hardware store plumbing parts?

There really is no difference between the two. The parts in the convenience store are exactly the same as those of a hardware store. However, the location of a convenience store is usually more frequent in a given area.

What is a person called that sells tobacco cigarettes cigars etc?

Either "tobacconist" or "convenience store clerk."

How do you escape the convenience store?

Figure it out

Disadvantages of convenience store?

its expensive

What is the meaning of convenience store?

Ans1 >small store or shopAns2>Convenience store is a small retail store, often in a residential area, that carries a limited selection of items such as staples, junk food, and drugstore items, and which is open long hours for the convenience of shoppers.

What is a convenience benefit?

Living close to a store is an example of a convenience benefit. When something makes your life easier it is a convenience benefit.

Is Scope a convenience product?

The mouthwash? Sure, you'd pick it up in a convenience store.

Why is it called an off license?

An Off-licence is a UK convenience store with permission to sell alcohol off the premises.

Will the convenience store accept Folgers Coffee coupons?

Each store has its own policies for accepting coupons. If it is part of a large chain of convenience stores, it is likely that they will accept coupons. Without knowing which convenience store it is, it is hard to answer your question. You can call the store and ask if they accept coupons.

What is the average transaction at a Convenience store?


How did you get home?

Walked home from the convenience store.

How you say convenience store in French?

A convenience store is "une épicerie" or "un magasin de quartier" in French, or "un dépanneur" in Canadian French.

Names of convenience store in Lahore?

Rahem Store Bilal store Besta Euorpa Etc.

Where to get a zippo lighter?

online...or at a supermarket, convenience store, department store, Ext.

Who runs the convenience store on The Simpsons?

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Freedom writers What happend at the convenience store?


Is convenience store in french masculine or feminine?


Where is your nearest store?

Just down the block, at the end of the street, there's a convenience store.

Where can you buy lifesavers?

Lifesavers can be purchased in almost any grocery store, department store, convenience store, etc.

Where can you purchase Mag flashlights?

Mag Flashlights can be purchased at any local convenience store. They can also be purchased online through Amazon or through a local convenience store such as Walmart.

What is the Pronto Copec logo?

a convenience store chain in Chile.