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It was very fertile

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Q: What was the soil like in 1700 New York?
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How many people lived in British New York in 1700?

How many people lived in British New York in the 1700

What is the state soil of New York?

The state soil of New York is Honeoye soil.

What kinds of soil are in New York?

In new York there is mainly clay soil

How much free land did new york have in the 1700s?

1.How much free land did New York have in the 1700's? 2.What was the purpose of the colony of New York in the 1700's? 3.What was the relationship between the Native Americans and the New York colony in the 1700's? Who were the representative governments in new York ?

Does New York have fertile soil?

in some parts of new york the soil is fertile.

What were the major cities in 1700's new york state?

During the 1700's the major cities in the New York Colony were New York City, and Albany. By 1700, New York City was already growing rapidly with a population of 5,000. By 1776, the time of the Revolutionary War, the population burgeoned to nearly 25,000.

What was the population of New York in 1700?


What were the governors of New York in the years 1600-1700?

The governors of New York was William Penn

How many people lived in British New York in 1700 New York Colony?


Was it easy to buy land in New York in the 1600's and 1700's?

yes it was easy to buy lang in new york in the 1600's-1700's

What was New York's culture like during 1600-1700?

it was like the normal pioneer life people died from the winters and stuff like that.

Is New York's soil good for farming?

Yes new york's soil is good for farming it is not the best for farming though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What religions were popular in New York from 1700 to 1750?

The puritans

What jobs did people in new york have in the 1700?

the became prastato

What are the important places in New York 1600-1700?


What was the climate in the New York colony during the 1600-1700?

not as cold as the new england colony but not as warm as the southern colony but that climate was good enough for the growing seasons. The climate in New York during 1600-1700 was between hot and cold. It was sort of like it is now but just a bit warmer.

Types of soil in New York?

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In the mid 1700's what was the dominate religion of New York?


Where was mummification first used?

in new york around the year 1700.

Where is the DC comics headquarters?

1700 Broadway, Midtown Manhattan, New York, New York.

Did Peter Minuit or James Duke of York find New York?

Peter Minuit founded New York colony in the 1600's to 1700's But New York was named after the Duke of York

What did the people in New York sell in the year of 1700?

ya know, stuff.

The two largest cities in the 1700's?

New York city and Charleston

What were the economic activities of new york during 1600-1700?

ummm who knows not me.....

What is the soil like in New York state?

Mostly glacial. Long Island is the terminal moraine.