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Q: What was the song black preformed by pearl jam inspired by?
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What is the song that goes do do do do do do do do?

It is "Black" by Pearl Jam

Where did rihanna preformed her first song?

She preformed her first song at Brisbane entertanment center in 2007

Who sings a song called Black?

Pearl Jam

What song goes 'do do do do do do'?

It's "Black" by Pearl Jam

Who sang the song 99 problems?

The song 99 problems, which was released in April of 2004, was written and also preformed by Jay-Z. This song was part of "The Black Album." This song was the third single, in which this American rapper released.

Black is a famous song by what 1990s grunge band?

Pearl Jam

What is the theme song for happy feet?

I wouldn't say it had a theme song. It has a lot of songs in it but none actually specify a theme song. Opening songs for the movie Happy Feet are: "Golden Slumbers/The End" - preformed by K.D. Lang, "I Only Have Eyes For You", "With A Song In My Heart", "Tell Me Something Good" - preformed by P!nk, "Kiss" - preformed by Nicole Kidman, and "Heartbreak Hotel" - preformed by Hugh Jackman.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of the black sabbath song Hand of Doom?

Hand of doom is an anti heroin song. the song was inspired by all the needles left on the ground after black sabbath played a concert one night.

What was the first song rihanna preformed?


What Virginia river inspired a song?

river that inspired a song

Virginia river inspired a song?

river that inspired a song

Who preformed the lambda pop song?

it whas me my friend

What singer preformed the song with this ring?

The Platters in 1967

Super troopers big bear song?

The song Big Bear is preformed by the band Steak.

Who sings Crimson's TNA theme song?

Crimson's theme song is preformed by Dale Oliver.

Who originally performed the song 'The Gambler'?

The song 'The Gambler' was originally preformed by Bobby Bare in his album BARE CBS KC35314 in 1978. Though later in the year in November the song was recorded and preformed by American country music artist Kenny Rogers.

In 1990 what singing group preformed a song about the city of Byzantium?

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What is a song preformed only by vocals only is called?

An Acapella.

What was the song Kanye West preformed at the 2010 vma's?


Who sang the song Spin The Black Circle?

The song 'Spin the Black Circle' is a song by the band Pearl Jam. It was released as a single in November, 1994 from their third studio album. It peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart.

What does the song they don't need to understand by Andy black mean?

Andy Black's song 'They Don't Need to Understand' is all about trying hard not to give up ans the person being referred is inspired by the wise words of his or her father.

What are the songs in The Pearl?

Song of the Family, Song of Evil/Enemy, Song/Music of the Ppearl, (Song of The Pearl That Might Be)

Who sings George Lopez theme song?

The theme song for the show "George Lopez" is Low Rider, preformed by War.

What are some songs in the pearl by John Steinbeck?

the song of family, the song of evil, the song of the pearl

What inspired the song Master Of Puppets?

The song, Master of Puppets, is inspired by how drugs control people. The song was released by the band, Metallica.