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Q: What was the song what was Casey dancing to in life with derek cheerleade Casey?
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Life with Derek how are Derek and casey related?

Duhhhh. Casey and Derek are stepsiblings. Casey's mom married Derek's dad.

How are Derek and casey related on the life with Derek?

Derek and Casey on Life with Derek are step siblings. Casey and Emily are Nora's kids, and Derek, Edwin, and Martie are George's kids.

Who is Derek's stepsister on Life with Derek?


On Life with Derek who is Derek's stepsister?

it's Casey

Who is Ashley leggat?

she is casey from life with derek

Is Casey from Life With Derek pregnant?

no she is not pregnant

On Life with Derek who is Dereks stepsister?


How are Derek and Casey related on Life with Derek?

they were step brother and step sister

Ow are Derek and Casey related on Life with Derek?

Step Brother And Stepsister

What is Casey's sisters name in life with derek?


In life with Derek how old is Derek casey Lizzie Edwin and marti?

Derek- 16 Casey- 16 Lizzie- 13 Edwin- 13 Marti- 8

What happened to life with derek?

Life With Derek Sadly ended On March 25th 2009 When Casey and Derek graduate from High school.

Are the actors that play Derek and Casey on Disney channel's life with derek dating?

no there not together

On Life with Derek has Casey and Derek kissed?

Well her name was not Casey but in one of the episodes the carecther who plays Casey dressed up as her cousin and at the end of the episode Derek and the cousin were sitting at a table making out.

What casey's real name from life with Derek?

Ashley Legatt.

Does derek like casey in life with derek?

A lot of older fans want Derek and Casey to get together. The creator of the show (Daphne Ballon) has said that they do not like each other, and will never get together or become a couple. So no.,Derek does not like Casey.

On Life with Derek what is Derek's stepsister name?

Casey. They all live in Canada, just to inform you.

How old is casey on life with Derek?

born in Toronto, c. 1991

Who plays the girl Casey on Life With Derek the show?

Ashley Leggat

In real life is casey and derek brother and sister?

No. This is called ACTING.

How were Derek and casey related on life with Derek?

Their parents got married so that means their step-siblings

Who plays Casey from life with Derek?

Her real name is "Ashley Leggat". But she plays a character named "Casey McDonald"!

What is the episode called for life with Derek when casey goes to prom and Derek ruins her dress?

that episode is called make no prom-ises by the way do you know which eisode it is when casey mistakes derek for sam and kisses him?

On Disneys TV Show Life with Derek who is Nora?

Casey's and Lizzie's Mom

On Disney's TV Show Life with Derek who is Nora?

Nora is Casey's mom.