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What was the source of molten rock on the newly formed moon?


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Probably Earth. It is assumed that in the very early life of the Earth it was hit by an object the size of Mars, resulting in matter ejected from the Earth, forming the Moon.

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Maria Were formed on the moon from molten rock but the moon hasn't had volcano's for billions of years.

We're not exactly sure, but it seems most likely that the moon was formed early in the Earth's history, when a large body collided with the Earth, shearing off molten debris. This molten debris formed the Moon. Most research and models show that the moon formed either at the same time or shortly after the Earth.

No. The source of earth's magnetic field is the molten inner core. The moon due to its proximity of course influences our magnetic field but it is to be considered a "weak effect".

The moon is a satellite. Of all the theories that have been considered to date, the most likely is that the moon formed when a [roughly] Mars-sized rogue planet crashed into the young, mostly molten earth. The crash caused materials to be ejected from the molten earth, and these materials eventually coalesced into our moon.

A few billion years ago, when the Moon was young and it was hotter than it is now, there was molten rock inside. This lead to the formation of igneous rocks on the surface.

Yes, in the initial stages after it coalesced into a spherical shape, earth was essentially "molten" for quite some time. It is believed that during this molten period is when earth was struck by another heavenly body about the size of Mars, and the dislodgement of molten material caused by that impact is what formed our moon.

No. The molten rock which once constituted the moon was long ago solidified from cooling into igneous rock.

Maria (singular: mare) were formed by flows of molten rock. As the Moon has not had volcanoes for millions of years, the age of the maria are dated from at least 1 billion (1 x 109) years ago and the majority from 3 to 3.5 billion years ago.

They have some information about the age and composition from the moon rocks they brought back. The number of craters and their shape also helps determine age and composition. They know the atmosphere, the total mass, the rotation speed and the distance from earth. All these things help in developing a theory on how the moon was formed. It is widely accepted that the Moon formed from an impact to the Earth, when it was still molten. Evidence of this is from extremely similar composition of the Earth and the Moon, and the fact that the Moon is slowly drifting away from us.

The conditions on the moon prevent it from having a strong atmosphere like Earth. Because of this, it is unable to shield itself from impacts of meteors. The craters you see on the moon were formed by impacts from meteors moreso than seismic activity on the moon itself.

what is the source if the word moon

Moon dust or lunar soil (more accurately called regolith) is formed by the breakup of rocks by micrometeorites and solar winds

They are called maria. They were formed when asteroid and comet impacts on the moon exposed the mantle of molten rock. The lava flooded into and over the craters and hardened in vast fields forming the dark spots we see when we look up at the moon.

The maria's on the moon were formed by meteors slamming into it.

One theory, the theory of Theia, suggests that the Moon were formed in a collision between Earth and Theia and therefore contain material from the same source.

Yes, the moon is a source of light ,because the candle and the moon are the same they all don't produce their own light but we say the candle is a source of light and the moon is not.NO IT IS NOT TRUE THE MOON IS A SOURCE OF LIGHT

earth was rotating to fast and the elements of the moon flew off of earth and the moon was formed

a half moon is formed when a cloud cover part of it up

The moon isn't a light source. We can see the moon at night because the moon reflects light from the sun.

The moon is as small asAustralia because the moon was formed when an object the size of mars smashed into the still molten baby earth (about 3.5 billion years ago). It knocked off a chunk of earth roughly the size of Australia. The chunk of molten earth was sucked into our gravitational field. Due to the theory of relativity and the size of the chunk it developed its own gravity thus making it spherical and the size of Australia.

after the moon formed asteroids slammed into the moon.

The rocks were similar to rocks formed by volcanoes on Earth, suggesting that vast oceans of molten lava once covered the moon's surface.

There are several theories out there for the formation of the moon. The current most widely accpeted one is called the Giant Impact Hypothesis. The basic idea is that at some point after the young earth had formed but while the surface was still molten a Mars sized object collided with Earth and the material ejected and began orbiting the Earth. This material later formed the Moon.

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