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Q: What was the speed clocked on the radar gun of the fastest pitch ever in a MLB game by Nolan Ryan?
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Who has the fastest pitch in a MLB game?

I don't know who said Roy Halladay. It's definitely not him. It's most certainly nolan ryan. 108.1 mph recorded by doppler laser radar in 1974.

How is a driver clocked by a police car?

a radar gun

Who was the first major league pitcher to throw a pitch 100 MPH?

Since accurate and efficient radar guns have been around for only 35 years or so, we will never know who the first pitcher to break 100 MPH was. Bob Feller told people he had been clocked at 107 MPH at Griffith Stadium in Washington. But without accurate equipment, who knows? The first pitcher, who it is agreed upon that was clocked at 100+ MPH, was Nolan Ryan who was clocked by the Guinness Book of World Records at 100.9 MPH in a game on August 20, 1974.

What is the fastest a peregrine falcon can fly?

On a radar gun at Lake Mattamuskeet, North Carolina, a male peregrine in pursuit of ducks was clocked four times at speeds between 84 and 87 mph. In a dive, they can hit 200 mph.

What is the fastest baseball pitch ever thrown?

As of September 25th, 2010: The fastest pitch, recognized by MLB and not somebody's recollection, was on September 25, 2010 at Petco Park in San Diego by Cincinnati Reds left handed relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman. It was clocked at 105.1 miles per hour. Tony Gwynn Jr. was the batter and it was called a ball, inside.The Fastest Pitch: There seems to be debate over who has thrown the fastest pitch in baseball, based on many varying factors.According to Guinness: The Guinness Book of World Records states that Nolan Ryan holds the record for the fastest pitch ever thrown. He was officially clocked at 100.9 mph(over the plate) on August 20, 1974, versus the Detroit Tigers.Other "fastest pitch" claims:Armando Benitez 102.0 mph 2002 Shea StadiumRandy Johnson 102.0 mph 07-09-2004 SBC ParkRobb Nen 102.0 mph 10-23-1997 Jacobs FieldEric Sjoberg 104.62 mph St.Johns high schoolAdditional input from WikiAnswers contributors:You're talking about in 1946 when they used a photo-electric cell device to clock Feller. They clocked him at 98.6 over home plate. There was a theory that the ball loses about 9 mph from release to home plate, so they added 9 mph to it and got 107, so it's not an official pitch speed. If you want to talk fastest from release instead of fastest over home plate, then Nolan Ryan did a similar test in 1974 using lasers where the ball was clocked at 100.9 over home plate, which is the speed in the Guinness World Record books because they haven't officially tested any one else yet. They added 7.2 mph to it to figure the release speed, so they came up with 108.1.Nolan Ryan's speed calculations from"How did we arrive at 108.1 mph? The facts are 100.9 at 10 feet, plus 9 mph drop per 50 feet. So add 7.2 mph (9/50*40) to 100.9 to get 108.1 mph."Feller's from"His fastest speed recorded was 98.6 mph, but the measurement took place at home plate, or 60 feet from release. To compare his speed to others, you must add the average 9 mph speed drop from 50ft to the plate. Therefore, his pitch speed was 107.6 mphat the equivalent 50 ft mark."In the 1930's, the military brought their big radar machine to the ballpark to see how fast Bob Feller was pitching; they gunned him at 107 mph.Nolan Ryan at 104 mph. They did a segment on sports science on ESPN and they determined that the human body is physically incapable of throwing 106 mph. This nulls the accusations of Bob Feller's 107 and Nolan Ryan's 106.Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers also hit 104, I believe, but Ryan's was just decimals faster.Stephen Strasburg at 103.Nolan Ryan threw a Four seam fastball at 101 mph.Nolan Ryan threw the ball 106 mph while playing in the MLB.MLB does not recognize radar gun speeds as an official statistic. The fastest pitch I can remember was by Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers that was clocked at 103 mph.112 by John SmoltzI'll defer to the Baseball Almanac, cited in the first answer. More impressive, however, was J.R. Richard's 98 mph slider during an All-Star appearance!Mark Wholers 103.0 mph in spring training 1995Joe Speer of the Niagara Falls Rapids (Detroit Tigers single A minor league team) threw a pitch 107 mph.Some say Satchel Page threw harder than Ryan, but the fastest pitch ever recorded was 101, by none other than Nolan Ryan.

Who was the first major league baseball player to pitch a ball over 100mph?

Nolan Ryan has been noted as the first player to pitch over 100mph, but the real answer is unknown, because the earlier pitchers didn't have radar guns.

How do you clock your baseball pitch without a radar gun?

with a radar gun

How fast is a 1993 Buick Park Avenue ultra?

I have no idea the max speed on my Park Avenue, but I have been radar clocked at 134. I am just gald tht it was NOT a law enforcement radar. Good luck and buckle up...

What is the fastest speed anyone has been clocked at running.a man once ran 27.89mph.i don't have any more facts though?

The fastest mile was run in 3:43.13 which is an average speed of 1/((43.13/60+3)/60) = 16.13 mph, but I'm not sure the fastest clocked speed. Roger Bannister was the first person to run the 4 minute mile. These have nothing to do with a man's top end running speed. A 9.58 100 Meter time translates to about 23.5 MPH but a sprinter will reach top speed at approx. the 60 meter mark. You would need a radar gun to catch his speed, at that moment, but only for a few short seconds. At his peak; Bob Hayes was clocked at 26 mph in the '60's so 27.89 mph is very possible for a sprinter nowadays.

What is the precision of a radar gun?

It can be off by one mph either way. The way it's supposed to work is the officer, who has been trained to do so, estimates the vehicle's speed and then uses the radar to confirm his estimate. Audio helps determine which vehicle is being clocked.

You were clocked speeding at 35 in a 20 MPH zone Officer said he calibrated the Radar before and after. Can it be accurate?

Yes. Errors in speed shown on a radar gun are almost universally favorable to the speeder. In other words if there was an error, you were probably faster than 35.

What was the fastest pitch Dwight Gooden was ever recorded throwing?

Major League Baseball does not recognize radar speeds as an official statistic. It is widely accepted that the ability to clock a fastball with a radar gun is an unexact science. With that said Dwight Gooden was famous for his 98 mph fastball. It is possible that he did throw on occasion a ball slightly faster than this.

What are the best Oakley sunglasses to use for baseball?

Oakley Radar (Path, Pitch, or Range)

What are the applications of radar?

The applications of a radar is,Whale's radar,ship's radar,submarine's radar,plane's radar.

When a radar gun says the pitch is 90 miles per hour at what point in the ball's travel to home plate is the radar gun measuring the velocity?

== The measurement is made at the point where the ball is when the trigger is squeezed and the contacts close to activate the unit. The gun responds in a "split second" by sending out a pulse, catching the return, and then comparing the two to discover the difference (the Doppler shift). It is so fast that the ball doesn't travel very far in the time it takes the unit to respond and resolve the speed. == It depends upon the radar gun. Some radar guns lock the speed at the instant the operator depresses the trigger. Other radar guns (such as the Bushnell® VelocityTM radar gun) include a feature that locks in the fastest speed that occurred during the entire time the trigger was depressed.

Are the radar guns used in baseball games by Fox Sports accurate?

yes, so they know how fast a pitch is

What was the fastest pitch babe Ruth ever hit?

They did not have radar guns to measure the speed of the pitches in Ruth's day. This question cannot be answered without guessing. He did hit against Walter Johnson who threw as hard as anyone in baseball history. The babe hit Walter Johnson for 10 home runs.

What technology is used in sport today?

in Baseball they use a radar to see how fast the pitch went. in football they review plays

What are the advantages using 3D Radar over 2D Radar?

I need brief description of 2D Radar and 3D Radar. What is the principle of operation of a 3D Radar. Compare 2D Radar with 3D Radar Suminda

What is a radar engineer?

A radar engineer works with radar. They have design, develop, install, and test a radar.

What kinds of radars are there?

ConfigurationsRadar come in a variety of configuration in the emitter, the receiver, the antenna, wavelength, scan strategies, etc. Bistatic radarContinuous-wave radarDoppler radarFm-cw radarMonopulse radarPassive radarPlanar array radarPulse-dopplerSynthetic aperture radar Synthetically thinned aperture radar

How fast is a fast pitch softball?

Actually, the fastest pitch supposedly was 104 mph by Eddie Feigner of the King and His Court. I saw him pitch, and I wouldn't put money on that speed one way or the other. As a player and pitching coach, I have faced male pitchers who threw in the low 90's, but most pitched illegally (crowhopping). There were a few guys who leaped who could bring it over 85. As far as women pitchers, Michelle Grainger was clocked one time at 73mph, but who knows if the guns are doctored. The fastest women pitchers I have coached and recorded on a Stalker radar gun, threw 64-66 mph. I have heard so many stories of super speeds, but usually, when I gun them the speeds are 6-10 miles under what they think they're throwing. The good news is that speed is way over rated. I'd take a pitcher with location and movement over a thrower any day. ( BTW- I still hear the bells from the 90+ ball I took in my helmet!)

What is a radar mast?

A radar mast is a high platform to mount a radar antenna such as the radar has an unobstructed view.

How many feet would you travel starting at 0MPH going to 45MPH and back to 0MPH?

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