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The star was actually a gift from God. The Bible says nothing about the Magi being "astrologers" :) HA. The visit of the Magi represents the importance of Jesus. Those Magi (wise men) were actually astrologers from the east. (Matt. 2:1, 2,) Although Astrology is popular among many people today, the practice is strongly disapproved in the Bible.Would God have led to the newborn Jesus persons whose practices He condemned? Matthew 2:1-16 shows that the star led the astrologers first to King Herod and then to Jesus and that Herod then sought to have Jesus killed. No mention is made that anyone other than the astrologers saw the �star.� After they left, God�s angel warned Joseph to flee to Egypt to safeguard the child. Was that �star� a sign from God or was it from someone who was seeking to have God�s Son destroyed? What was that star? Certainly it was not an ordinary one, since it was low enough for the astrologers to follow it for about a thousand miles [1,600 km]. �The star� led them first to Jerusalem. Hearing of this, King Herod questioned them and then decided to kill the infant Jesus. Then �the star� led the astrologers to the particular house where Jesus was living. Certainly no normal star could do that. Did this starlike object originate with God? Since the astrologers� visit led indirectly to the slaughter of �all the boys in Bethlehem and in all its districts from two years of age and under,� is it not reasonable to conclude that �the star� was something used by God�s Adversary, Satan, in an attempt to destroy God�s Son?�Matthew 2:1-11,�16. "What was the star that guided the men to the newborn Jesus?" The knowledge is in the East. God speaks to us in the visions of the night and brings forth flashes of truth. It was the Star in the East that guided the men to the newborn Jesus. Best Wishes for the future & Happy New Year!! If we know the exact date of when it happened, I'm sure the astrological records of all Nations can help us with the answer. Matthew: "Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the EAST to Jerusalem, saying: Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the EAST, and are come to worship him" (ii, 1, 2). By the "EAST" was meant Persia or India, and from one of these countries the Magi are popularly supposed to have come. Justin Martyr says: "When a star rose in heaven at the time of his birth, as is recorded in the 'Memoirs' of his Apostles, the Magi from Arabia, recognizing the sign by this, came and worshiped him" (Dialogues, cvi). If they came from Arabia, as this Christian father declares, they came not from the East, but from the South.
It was very special bright star sent by God.

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The star appears only in Matthew's Gospel and seems to have been entirely unknown to the author of Luke's Gospel. Moreover, there was no record made, by any of the many astrologers and other observers of the heavens, of any star or other heavenly object that suddenly appeared at this time and appeared to hover over Bethlehem - in fact a particular house in Bethlehem. Most New Testament commentators assume that Matthew's star was not a historical fact.

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Q: What was the star that guided the magi to the newborn Jesus?
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Who magi made a long journey to Bethlehem to find?

The magi are referred to as the three wise men and they traveled to find Jesus Christ our savior. God guided them by the Northern star.

Is a Christmas star really a star?

it depends on which star you are talking about if you are talking about the stars you put on your Christmas tree then no. if you are talking about the star that guided the three Persian Magi to Jesus Christ then yes. we just don't know which star it is

How did the magi find Jesus?

they followed a star.

What was the Christmas star?

a star used to led Magi to Jesus`s stable where Jesus was born

How do the magi know that Jesus is to be born in Bethlehem?

The birth of Jesus was written as prophecy in the Old Testament, including where. They may have been familiar with some of the Jewish beliefs. As part of their repertoire they were skilled in astronomy and followed the star.

What guided the astrologers to Jesus?

The guide that brought the King Herod's magi (aka wisemen, advisors, astrologers, etc.) east, to Jesus in Jerusalem, is known as The Star of Bethlehem (or Christmas Star). When Jesus was born, this star marked the location of his birth.Reference: Book of Matthew: Chapter 2 (see related link below)

Who is the writer of the poem Journey Of The Magi?

T.S.Elliot is the author of the poem The Journey Of The Magi. When Baby Christ was born in Bethlehem, a new star rose in the sky. Star- Studying had then well-developed in the East. The Magician Priests there instantly knew that a Holy Birth has been caused in the West. Finding their way guided by this new star, three Magician Priests journeyed to Bethlehem with eastern gifts for this newborn babe. Magi means Magician Priests or Scholars.

What guided the 3 wise men to baby Jesus?

the star

What was the name of the star that guided the shepherds to baby jesus?

The bible does not name the star at all.

Because Of The Three Wise Men Also Called The Magi Does Jesus Believe Magic Is Good Or Evil?

The three wise men did not use magic. They depended on their intuition, their eyes were opened to see the star and were guided by this.

What guided the three wise men to Jesus?

According to the bible, it was a star.

What does the star which guided the three wise men to Jesus represent?

jesuses birth

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