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Mongolian women lost status as they fell under the social apparatus of theConfucian ideology.

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Q: What was the status of Mongolian women during the yuan dynasty of china?
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Who was the venetian that explored china?

Marco Polo explored China in the 13th century during the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty ended the what rule of china?

The Ming dynasty ended the Yuan (Mongolian) dynasty.

Who was the emperor of china around 1275?

Around this time period, China was under what is called the Southern Song Dynasty. During this dynasty Kublai Khan, a Mongolian invader, became the emperor of China.

What is the period of mongol control of china known as?

Mongol empire, Mongolian dynasty...

The Mongolians ruled China during this dynasty?

The Mongolians ruled China during the Yuan Dynasty.

Marco Polo came to China during the dynasty?

Marco Polo came to China during the yuan dynasty.

Marco Polo came to China during the dynasty.?

Marco Polo came to China during the yuan dynasty.

Who was the leader of the mongols in china during the yuan dynasty?

Kublai Khan was the leader of the Mongols in China during the Yuan dynasty.

What year was the yuan dynasty started?

Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368), also can be called Great Yuan Empire, was the first dynasty led by minority - Mongolian ethnic. In 1206, Genghis Khan built Mongolian Kingdom. And in 1271, Kublai titled the kingdom as Great Yuan. During 1279, Mongolian minority united the country. The total area covered the present regions such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, northeastern region, Taiwan, and islands in the South Sea. Yuan Dynasty was replaced by Ming Dynasty during the 1368. From the Kublai period since 1271, Yuan Dynasty experienced 98 years in the history of China.

What dynasty was the seismograph invented?

It was created during the Han Dynasty in China....

Marco polo came to china during which dynasty?

The Yaun dynasty.

Who invaded china during the ming dynasty?

The Qing Dynasty invaded the Ming Dynasty

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