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I find no match for a stock under that company name on any of the exchanges.

Note - virtually all stock/investment portals ( for example) have a historical price lookup if you have the call letter.

Your best to just contact the company, or go to it's website, to find the answer.

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What is the value of yrc worldwide stock?

Use its capital divided by outstanding stock, we can get value of the stock.

How much will stock be worth that was inherited Will it be the value of stock now or the value at the time it was inherited?

Stock is always the current price.

When a company buys another company what is the stock worth?

The stock value will then be the combined value.

Capital stock to which the charter has assigned a value per share is called?

Par value stock

What is the value of southwestern bell stock?

Value of Southwestern Bell Stock Feb 15, 1984

How do you find the value of a capital stock purchased in 1981?

To obtain the current value of capital stock it should be brought to a finical advisor. The current value is based on the purchase price and the current stock value. It can change daily.

How can I find the value of my stock options?

There are several ways to determine the value of your stock options. First being to take the actual rate of the stock on the market at this time and adding it up. If you want the profit value of that stock then take your purchase price total from the selling price total and that gives you your intrinsic value or profit value.

The par value of common stock must always be equal to its market value on the date the stock is issued?


Why is a value stock received as an investment bargain?

The value stock is received as an investment bargain because it is classified as an asset.

What is share value?

The share value is the value or price of a single share of saleable stock from a company. The stock price of a company is the current value of the company's future cash flow.

What is the stock split?

When a stock splits, one stock becomes two. People that own the stock can see the value of their stock for the company double.

Why are large stock dividends accounted at par value?

ALL _______ Dividends increase the supply of stock, which decreases the price Large stock dividends have a significant effect on the price of stock, so the current market value can NOT be used to value large stock dividends – and the only remaining choice is PAR or STATED VALUE Small stock dividends have only a minor effect on prices, so the current stock price is still used to value the stock dividend Reduction in the price due to an increase in numbers of shares is called “dilution

Is preferred stock considered to be more like common stock or bonds?

Preferred stock would be more like Common stock, because the value can go up or down. Bonds have a set value.

Does the book value per share and market value per share are usually the same dollar amount?

No. They are two totally different values. Book Value - This is the intrinsic value of a stock based on the company's books of accounts and assets & liabilities Market Value - This is the value of the stock at which it is currently trading in a stock exchange

Is Book value of common stock the same as the market value?

No. To get book value per share, you would divide book value by shares outstanding. Market value is whatever the current rate is on the stock exchange.

How can one calculate whether a company is undervalued or Overvalued in the stock market?

This can be calculated through Q ratio and dividend discount model. The divident discount model is not appropriate for the companies who are issuing any dividend. So the Q ratio is Value of the stock= total market value of the stock/ total value of assets If the value is from 0 to 1 then the stock is undervalued but if the value is above 1 then the stock is overvalued. Ahsan Jamil

What is the Risk of being a stockholder?

A stockholder owns part of a company. The price he paid for the stock has little bearing on its value, which depends on the value of the company or on the profits it makes. A stock may either increase in value, or decrease, and if a company becomes insolvent, the value of the stock could fall, even to zero.Some forms of stock (including preferred stock) may pay dividends, which can provide profits without having to sell the stock.

What does shrinkage means in retail?

Shrinkage is the difference between the stock on the inventory book and the actual physical stock. Shrinkage is also deifned as the difference between the value ( retail price ) of the stock on the inventory book and the value of the ( retail price ) actual physical stock. Shrinkage % is calculated as the difference between the value ( retail price ) of the stock on the inventory book and the value of the ( retail price ) actual physical stock by the retail sales of this volume

What does the value of stock represent?

The value of stock represents a fair value of an underlying company as perceived by market participants, mostly driven by expectations of future earnings growth.

How do you calculate Book value of common stock?

the book value of common stock calculated as the following : book value = assets - liabilities and the result is divided by the number of stocks.

The value at which stock market closed on the most recent trading day?

what is the value at which the stock marketclosed on the recent tradind day

What is the value of the common stock as of September 29 2008?

Value of each share of Mckesson common stock on September 28th 1981

Stock indexes are used to measure what?

There are many ways to measure the value of the stock market. Stock indexes are used to measure the value of a group or section of stocks. This information is then used to compare returns of a specific stock in that group.

What are the uses of a stock calculator?

The sues of a stock calculator are to determine the values of various stocks. In addition you can use them to determine the value of a stock portfolio.

What is stock aging?

As per m understanding stock aging is the stock available in our warehouse which is not used & since when, with value.

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