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What was the subject of the song Lovin You by Minnie Riperton?

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2011-09-13 16:49:44

"Who_did_Minnie_dedicate_Loving_You_to?" id=

"Who_did_Minnie_dedicate_Loving_You_to?">Who did Minnie dedicate

Loving You to?

Someone told me the song was dedicated to her daughter. Knowing the

song as well as I do I seriously doubt that to be the case. I

believe that Loving You is a series love song that would have been

inspired by the man in her life at that time. Of course, I don't

have any documented proof of this so if anyone out there can shed

some further light on this subject I would be greatly interested.

this song WAS dedicated to her baby daughter, who happens to be

Maya Rudolph, from Saturday night live. at the very end, you hear

her say 'Maya...

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