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The Royal Air Force was possibly best known just as the RAF.

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Term by which the royal air force was best known?

Very simply the Royal Air Force or just the R.A.F

Term by which the royal air force was perhaps best known?

The few. The proud The marines Just kidding :) the name was just the few.

What was the British air force called in World War 2?

The british air force is known as the RAF; royal air force. The Deutsche Luftwaffe or Luftwaffe (German: "Air Arm", IPA: ['luftvafə]) is the commonly used term for the German air force.The Royal Air Force. They are still called this today.

What is the term for which the Royal Air Force was best known for during World War 2?

"The Few" The above is correct, but it is probably best to say this was particular to Fighter Command. I'm thinking a more accurate description for the RAF as a whole was 'the Brylcreem Boys' with regard to a propietary hair product !

What is the term for when water sticks to water?

This is known as the Cohesive Force.

What does raf mean in Bible?

It is not a term in the commonly used versions of the Bible in English. It is an acronym for Royal Air Force.

How do you spell best known?

The phrase is spelled like the question (best known). As an adjective, it is hyphenated (best-known).Synonyms for the term would be familiar or recognized.

What is a ball snake?

You may be refering to the term "Ball Snake" which is a popular term for a Python Regius (Royal Python) also known as a "Ball Python".

Why is royal bank of Scotland royal?

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has the term 'Royal' because it was founded by Royal Charter in 1727. The use of the term Royal is restricted, and, would normally have to be bestowed by the monarch by Royal Charter (e.g. a number of towns are referred to as 'Royal Burghs', such as Kirkcaldy, even though the term was abolished in 1975).

What term best describes the forces on an object with a net force of zero?

The forces on an object with a net force of zero are balanced.

After whose name is the term 'rhyme royal' called?

after whose name is the term 'rhyme royal' called

Which law is known as real law of motion Justify your answer?

first law of motion because it defines the term force

Is Royal Caribbean the best cruise company?

Best is a relative term and depends on what you want in a cruise. Look through the cruise options offered by Royal Caribbean, and then compare other cruise lines' prices and options for the same destinations. You can check out Royal Caribbean's cruises here: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/home.do

Is the term hieroglyphics well-known?

Yes, the term hieroglyphics is a well-known term.

What does the term love 12 refer to?

There is currently no known definition for the term "love 12". If one has seen this term and is unfamiliar it may be best to consult with the person who used the term.

What is the definition for the term force?

The definition for the term force is a push or pull exerted on an object

What is the term for when the Government pays farmers to not grow crops?

"Subsidy" is probably the best-known term, though there are many different ones.

What term is defined as the measure of the force and gravity acting on the mass of a substance?

That quantity is known as the "weight" of the substance, and it depends on how much of the substance you have.

What is the term for the retention of larval or other juvenile characteristics into the adult stage?

The general term is pedomorphosis. The best-known form of pedomorphosis is neoteny.

What is James Madison best remembered for?

He is known as the "Father of the Constitution." He was also a two-term president.

What is the special l force for the air force?

The Air Force has Special Operations, "Special Forces" is the term for Army Green Berets. The Air Force special ops consist of:PararescueCombat ControllersSpecial Ops Weather TeamOr in BritainRoyal Marines and RAF Regiment are the second closest to a Special Operations.the Royal Air Force have:RAF RegimentRAF Parachute Team.However Britain does have a Air Special Ops branch which is obviously the SAS (Special Air Service)

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