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Q: What was the time period of Mubarak the son of Allaudin?
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When was Hosni Mubarak's son born?

Hosni Mubarak has 2 sons. Alaa Mubarak (26 November 1960)and Gamal Mubarak (27 December 1963)

Whom did Hosni Mubarak refer to as a psychopath following an Iraqi state dinner in honor of Mubarak's wife Suzanne?

Saddam's Son

Who follows Mubarak?

This will be revealed after the elections , but the the public opinion in Egypt suppose that president mubarak son, Gamal, will follow him, However most Egyptians are against this myth.

How many sons does Hosni Mubarak have?

Hosni Mubarak has two sons: Alaa and Gamal. Alaa is the older son while Gamal is the younger, and widely expected to be installed as President after his father.

How many children does Hosni Mubarak and wife have?

Two sons, Alaa and Gamal. Alaa is the elder and is married with children. And Gamal is the last son to president mubarak and he is married and have one child

Who is shiekh mubarak al sabah?

Sheikh Mubarak al Sabah is the youngest son of Dr. Souad Al Sabah, a noted Kuwaiti poet and campaigner for women's rights in the Middle East.

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Are there free and accepted masons in Egypt?

there are free masons in Egypt and they known by minority of people who knows the secrets of freemasons -there is Suzanne Mubarak: the first lady of Egypt, she was daughter of lily may palmer (mason nurse from wales) and Dr Saleh thabet, her family in England has masonary activities as they one of the familes that control many regions in the world _ monier thabet: brother of Suzanne mubarak and Governor of Rotary district 2450, which includes several countries including: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Bahrain, UAE, Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia. - Jamal mubarak: son of Suzan Mubarak and the son of Hosny Mubarak the president of Egypt : jamal and his mother has been awarded many times from rotary International for charity this masonic organization give Susan honarary presidant of the Rotary clubs in Egypt. She received a Paul Harris Fellowship and her son Jamal too and there is many people joind masonary since Nabolion till these days it may be hidden the masonic people has there type of living read about it and if you doubt in someone a little bit then we have to know that he is one of them ! you will minister formar ministers, students, etc are masonic