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According to The USS Arizona by Jasper/Delgado/Adams We lost 90,000 Soldiers in the Pacific arena.

To improve this answer which is completely not what the person was asking, there were roughly 354k American casualties in the pacific war during World War 2.

This is one that I've been trying to find for some time. After all my research I have seen references of slightly over 100k ( stated just like that too). My main question is how many were from each of the branches of the military. I have found that the Marines took 19k battle deaths with 23k total and the Navy took almost twice that but, no specific statistics for the Army.

You're right. just over 100 thousand U.S miltary casualties. except I have 17 thousand for the marines and just about 30 thousand for the navy. If you do the math, that leaves 53 thousand for the army. wrong theamericans lie about their list of kia I know for sure that they lost 70 to 80 thousnad marines at the battle of okanwa trus me coming from a Japanese person whos grandfather was in the imperial army of Japan

I do not have figures for all the battles of the Pacific Theater. This is what I have so far from various sources where available (rounded off). Pearl Harbor - 2335, Wake Island - 152, Coral Sea - 656, Midway - 350, Guadalcanal - 7361, Attu - 549, Tarawa - 1711, Guam - 3000, Leyte Gulf - 1500, Leyte Island - 3500, Iwo Jima - 6821, Okinawa - 12513, Saipan - 3426, Peleliu - 1794, Tainan - 1010, Kawajalien - 373.

Total from this list is: 47,379

There are a lot of battles and losses not accounted for. Sub action, losses in China, smaller islands, POWs, and unavailable data.

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Q: What was the total number of American casualties in the Pacific theater in World War 2?
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