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What was the truce or end of fighting in world war one?

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The treaty of Versailles treaty of Versailles

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What does truce do?

stops fighting or hate towards one another for a period of time

Is a truce like a promise?

no a truce is more of a way to say stop fighting because no one seems to be winning or there isn't a clear cut winner.

What was the holy truce?

The Holy Truce was a book written by Simon E Jepps that encouraged peace amongst world religions and explained how there is "One God but many faces, one message but many ways".

When and why did the first world one end?

when is the end of the world

How world is coming closer?

The world is not coming closer. The peoplr of this world r fighting one another. THere r wars going on. It is coming closer to the end. Signs in the bible (spoken by Jesus) shows signs

Will the world end in two years?

No one knows when the world will end.

How is world going to end?

No one knows exactly how the world will end.

Why was World War I useless?

Because no-one bothered fighting.

How is the world going to come to and end?

No one knows how the world will come to an end.

How long until the end of the world?

No one know when the world is going to end.

Does too much sin and chaos will soon cause the end of the world?

no, people can't end the world. God is the only one who can end the world because He is the only one who knows when the world will end. People can sin as much as the want but that won't make the world end.

What country and city did World War 1 the Christmas truce take place?

The original truce happened between the German and English front in Belgium, Ypres. Then it happened again in Ypres 1915(First one 1914) and in and around Champagne, France. Hope this Helps.

How is an armistice different than surrendering?

Armistice is different from surrendering. It's the stopping of fighting so both sides find a truce. Surrendering is the declaration of defeat by one side. The winning side provides the terms of surrender.

WHen Did the world going to end?

No one knows when or if the world will end. Despite the news stories.

Is it truly the end of the world in 2012?

No one knows if the world will end in 2012. It is unsure.

Is the world going end on Friday the 21?

Nope. No one can predict when the world will end.

Why could it have been difficult living in Missouri during the civil war?

Missouri was one of the slave-states that had not voted Confederate. But it was a deeply divided area. The local Union commander had organised an unofficial truce at the beginning, but one of his subordinates broke the truce, casing outrage among the Confederates. For the rest of the war, there was bitter guerrilla fighting, and Lincoln did not really control this state, even though it was officially in the Union.

Its not end of the world 2012?

no its not the end of the world 2012 no one knows when anyways its just a movie.

Is a temple a sign of the end of the world?

no. I don't think anything is a sign to the end of the world. the world will end when the time is right. no one knows when and where it will happen.

What if there is survivors of he end of the world?

if there is one man and one woman at least, then it probably won't be the end of the world. just a new beginning!

Who said that the world will end?

no one said the world was going to end so it isn't ending and they said in 2001 the world was going to end and did it no so it isn't going to end

What is a trench deadlock?

a trench deadlock is basically where both sides don't do anything (fighting wise) and end up in a deadlock so they either call a truce meaning they both sign a treaty to stop the war and call it a draw or one side decides to fight and most probably get killed by the other side. Hope this helps if not go to wikipedia! :)

Did Benito Mussolini become one of Hitler's enemies near the end of World War 2?

No, Benito Mussolini was killed brutally by rioting Italians. Then Italy started fighting on the allies side.

Who sings the song world by five for fighting?

The song is sung and written by John Ondrasik who IS Five For Fighting...it's one person, not a band.

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