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Q: What was the type and size of the nail used to put Jesus on cross?
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How is the cross that Jesus caried?

There is no record of its make or type or size. Just the cross on which he was crucified.

What size nails were used to crucify Jesus?

We do not know what size the nails were that held Jesus to the cross. These nail would have been hand forged as they did not have that type of manufacturing in that time. They would have had to be big enough to hold a man to a cross with a good sized head so that the hand/wrist would not slide off the end. I doubt that they would have been as big around as a railroad spike, but they would have been as long.

What was the type of wood that the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on?


What type of Tree did Jesus Cross Die on?

Teak wood or Rose wood.

How long does it takes a nail to rust?

This depends on many conditions: size of the nail, temperature, pressure, type of alloy, oxygen access, etc.

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The cross of Jesus was made by which tree?

The Bible doesn't mention the type of wood used for Christ's crucifixtion.

Verse in Bible about dogwood cross where Jesus was crucified?

The Bible does not say what type of wood was used for the cross. The story about it being a dogwood is a tradition, not a Bible fact.

What type of simple machine is a nail?

A nail is a type of wedge, rotated through 360°.it is a wedge

What type of liquid make a nail rust?

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What type of cross did Jesus die on?

The wood was either teak or rose wood, as it had to be strong to carry the mans weight.

How much did the cross weigh that Jesus carried to Calvary?

The cross that Jesus carried was the cross beam that had a mortise in it that was fit with a tenon when raised up. It was probably 12 inches by 12 inches and 8 feet long. That would weigh about 50 pounds.AnswerWhile we can guess, as above, we do not really know the type of wood - the Bible concentrates on what Jesus did for us on the cross, not on the cross itself. Obviously it was relatively heavy, since Jesus weakened through sleep deprivation, His whipping and other maltreatment, could not carry it.

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