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The Census Bureau's Regional Fun Facts page for the Chicago region notes the unemployment rate for each year from 1900 to 1999. It is located at the Related Link below.

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Q: What was the unemployment rate in Chicago in the 1930s?
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Was the unemployment rate different between social groups in Chicago in the 1930s?

Unemployment was much higher for the poor in 1930s Chicago. Those in white collar jobs lost many positions, but there was simply no work for the laborers to do.

Unemployment rate in 1933?

Unemployment was rampant during the 1930s, due to the stock market crash of 1929 and the resulting economic depression. The unemployment rate for 1933 was 12.8 million people, which was over 23 percent of the labor force.

Which group had the highest unemployment rate in the early 1930s?

African Americans share croppers

What is the Unemployment rate now?

What is the national unemployment rate

What is Unemployment rate of Pakistan?

The Unemployment rate of Pakistan is 15.4%.

What is the national unemployment rate now?

What is the national unemployment rate

What is the natural rate of unemployment equal to?

The long-run average unemployment rate around which the short-run unemployment rate fluctuates

How do you calculate frictional unemployment rate?

To calculate frictional unemployment rate you have to get the labor market turnovers. The frictional unemployment is the portion of the unemployment rate that results from the labor market turnovers.

What is the unemployment rate in Italy?

The estimated unemployment rate is 8.4% in Italy

Does Ireland have a good unemployment rate?

No, it has a bad rate of unemployment which is about 14%.

What is true of unemployment in the early 1930s?

1 in 4

What is the unemployment rate in Detroit?

The unemployment rate in Detroit is very high. As of December 2012, the unemployment rate for Detroit, Michigan was at a total of 18.2% and is on the rise.

What is Italy's unemployment rate?

The estimated unemployment rate for Italy is 6.8% (2008).

What was the unemployment rate in 1970 for the US?

The unemployment rate for the U.S. in 1970 was 4.9%.

What was the US unemployment rate in 1934?

In 1934, the unemployment rate in the US was 21.7%.

What is Florida's unemployment rate?

Florida's unemployment rate hits 10.2 percent

What is the rate of unemployment in Canada?

As of September 2010, the rate of unemployment in Canada is 8.0%

What was the unemployment rate in October 1984?

The unemployment rate in October, 1984 was 7.3 %.

How union affect the natural state of unemployment?

Natural rate of unemployment rate

What happens to unemployment rate after a recession?

After a recession, the unemployment rate will go down.

Which region of Oceania had the lowest unemployment rate?

Polynesia has the most unemployment rate.

What is natural rate of unemployment?

The natural rate of unemployment is the rate that holds over the long-run in equilibrium. In Classical economics, this rate is 0%. With other assumptions, such as frictional and structural unemployment, you will get a natural unemployment rate above 0%. Source:

How many people are unemployed in the Chicago area?

Don't Know how many people but the unemployment rate was 11.3% in June 2010.

What is the current unemployment rate in Nevada?

As of June 2012, Nevada's unemployment rate is at 11.6%.

What is the unemployment rate in the Philippines?

The unemployment rate in the Philippines is 7.3 percent (January 2010).