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You mean the ball, the volleyball? To play volleyball of course!

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yes you can use your feet on indoor volleyball

yes ,you can use your legs in volleyball when the shot is too deep.

what year is volleyball made what do they use what is they history

you use your hands in volleyball and in soccer you use ur feet and u play on a cort in volleyball and in soccer u play on a feild

You may use any part of your body in volleyball, except when your serving. And remember: NO CARRYING!

Yes, volleyball uses rally scoring.

Material used in volleyball is sponge type.

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

No you have to use volleyball knee-pads or you can't play nut it depends on the league

When you combine both the hands together and strike the volleyball, you use your triceps. But here you have to use the limited power, otherwise the ball will cross the boundary.

They both use a ball, you score the same, most points scored win, and they're both played on a court...Basketball you use a hoop, you use a basketball, there is a bigger ball, and you have to block people....Volleyball there is a net, you use a volleyball, and you use a smaller ball...

in volleyball you can actually use your foot , if its going out of the court, to kinda of kick it back into the court.

To get to the ball. Ex specially in beach volleyball when there is only two people on the court.

you need knee pads,volleyball,mouthgaurd,and sneakers and a addidas bag

you can use a bike pump

volleyball is a good sport because you use you upper body as well as your lower body

yes volleyball should be considered a sport. because you use your arms and legs.

in volleyball you use your hands, and in soccer you use your feet, with the exception of the goalie. Also in volleyball, you play on a smaller court, with 6-8 players, in soccer you can have i believe up to 12 or 14 players on the field.

you have to use your leg for everything

When o_O? This question fails.

There is a certain volleyball because you cannot use another type of ball, because they are all too heavy or too small, so the volleyball has to be big and light.

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

i really don't know but use any search engine and put "rules and regulations of volleyball"

when you use your forearms to hit the ball to your opponent