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Q: What was the verdict of Albert Fish's murder trial?
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What are the release dates for WRAL Murder Trials - 2003 Ryan Hare Murder Trial Jury's Verdict?

WRAL Murder Trials - 2003 Ryan Hare Murder Trial Jury's Verdict was released on: USA: 14 September 2010

Is it legal for jurors to discuss the verdict of a murder trial aftr the verdict has been reachd?

So long as a gag order hasn't been placed against them doing this, yes.

Can a judge overturn a verdict of not guilty in Arizona?

A jury verdict of 'guilty' signifies that it is probably a criminal trial. A judge cannot overturn a jury verdict in a criminal trial.

What is it called When appellate courts upholds a verdict?


What has the author Albert John Tirrell written?

Albert John Tirrell has written: 'The trial of Albert J. Tirrell' -- subject(s): Massachusetts, Massachusetts. Supreme Judicial Court, Trials (Murder), Trials, litigation

What was the verdict to Emmett Till trial?

The two white men accused of killing Emmett Till were acquitted by an all-white jury in 1955. The verdict was widely criticized due to evidence of a racially motivated murder and later became a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement.

What was the verdict of Rodney Kings trial?


Who decides on the verdict in a felony trial?

a person

What is the most common post-verdict motion in a trial?

Civil trial: motion for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict, or a motion for a new trial Criminal trial: motion for a new trial I have no quantitative evidence to back that up. It is just an educated guess.

What was the verdict in OJ Simpson's trial?

He has had several so I'll go in chonological order: His criminal murder trial he was aquitted. His wrongful death civil trial he was found guilty of the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. His kidnapping and armed robbery trial he was found guilty.

How can a jury's verdict be reversed?

The Court can enter a JNOV, if the evidence presented is insufficient to support the verdict as a matter of law. One of the parties may appeal. If there is a legal defect in the trial, the appellate court may reverse the verdict and require the trial court to have a new trial.

What word means a decision at an end of a trial?

I assume you mean the verdict (as opposed to the sentence).