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The total number of the white population of the upper south in 1860 was 4,464,501. The total number of the white population of the lower south in 1860 was 3,574,199.

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What was the total population of the South in 1860?


Did the north or south have a greater population in 1860?


The slave population in the south in 1860 was approximately?

5 million

What demographic problem did South Carolina have in 1860?

The slave state of South Carolina had placed themselves in an unusual situation with regards to the number of slaves there in 1860. More than half of South Carolina's population were slaves. If slavery, in the eyes of the white population, was abolished all at once, the white population would be outnumbered. As an aside, when Senator Calhoun from South Carolina saw the "slave problem" he pushed for the annexation of Texas in order to spread the slave population more evenly in the South. This was made easier when he was appointed to be the US Secretary of State.

How many owned slaves in the south in 1860?

About 2 million were in the south. Which was 20% of the whole population.

State with a higher slave population than white population?

In 1860--the last decennial census before the Civil War--Mississippi and South Carolina had larger slave population than free population. The same was true in 1850. (Note that "free population" is not the same thing as "white population", but that's the data we have).

What was the black population in 1860?

By 1860 African-Americans accounted for about 4 million slaves on plantations and 250,000 freed blacks in the south

Which section north or south had a larger population in 1860 and why?

Idont know u tell me

Which state had the largest slave population during the years 1820 1860?

South Carolina

How did the north's larger population give it an edge over the south it the 1860 election?

The North had a larger population, AND a large chunk of the population in the South were slaves. In 1860, only white males could vote. Larger population = more votes, which means victory. The person above me is wrong. Our nation's elections are not determined by popular vote, they are determined by the electoral collegngfgnngfhdcsfehgbjgjhvfhgfe. There have been several instances that a president won the election without having the popular vote.

What percent of South Africa is white?

9.1 percent of the population of south Africa is white.

What was the population of the north in 1860?

The population of the North in 1860 was 22,100,100

Where did the black population exceed the white population in 1830?

South Carolina

Did the north or south have a bigger population in 1860?

The population was far greater in the North, even counting the number of slaves in the South at full value instead of three-fifths, as the Constitution stipulated.

By 1860 the lower south became known as?

By 1860 the lower south became known as the antebellum south

When did South Carolina succeed?

1860, December of 1860

How many slaves were in the upper south?

1860 slave population upper south region Virginia 490,000 North Carolina 331,000 Maryland 89,000

How many free black people lived in the south during the period of 1800-1860?

in the 1860's there was 1253 blacks in the south

What was Australia's population in 1850 and 1860?

In 1850, Australia's population was 405 400. In 1860, the population had reached 1 145 000.

How much did the population of Florida grow from 1830 to 1860?

in 1830 the population was about 20,000, and in 1860 the populaiton was about 80,000

How did Asians come to South Africa?

1860-1866 they came on ships to serve as workers or servants for the white British.

What was the increase in population for New York City from 1860 to 1920?

From 1860 to 1920, the population of New York City was overwhelming large. From 813,000 in 1860, the city had a population in 1920 of 7.9 million.

How did the norths larger population give it an edge over the south in the 1860 election?

it gave it an edge because i farted on your grandpa....

How many people were there in the North and South during the Civil War?

The US population in 1860 was 32 million, 350 thousand.

Why does the North have a higher population than the South in the 1860's?

Because it was industrialised, and it was attracting many immigrants from Europe.

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