What was the worst movie ever made?

the worst movie ever made was attack of the killer tomatoes. yes tomatoes. look it up, it's a real movie. it was a really low budjet one. i heard you can see the strings and everything.

Mean Girls 2!! It wasn't even slightly funny!! They lost the original cast.
Revolutionary Road- It took two wonderful actors!! Leo Dicapiro and Kate Winslet and tossed them into an incredibly depressing movie with no point!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What? I liked snakes on a plane! but I have one more to add to the list. TWILIGHT. why? because: the whole story was about a ridiculously pale teenage girl falling in love (though I don't know how) with a pale, ugly vampire. VAMPIRES DO NOT FALL IN LOVE. THEY KILL PEOPLE AND HUNT FOR BLOOD. STEPHANIE MEYERS, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. plus, in the running scenes it looked like crud, the music was cheap, there was NO cool action scenes (even though my friends tricked me into watching it cause they told me there was), they only make out once and somehow the edward dude couldn't, they never showed the people being eaten, and to top it off all they do in the movie is talk. AND NOW THEY ARE MAKING A SEQUAL!!!!! if you watched it and are dissapointed because there was no action, you should definitely watch Thirty days of Night, or Daybreakers (coming soon to theaters). now those are good vampire movies. and a warning: Thirty Days of Night is a really scary and extremely bloody and gory movie. and I LOVED it. but if you don't like freaky movies, I wouldn't watch it. even though it is a great fighting movie with lots of cool action scenes throughout.
ok i agree with all of you exept the twilight guy and i have one more to add to the list here it comes-----watchmen the guys who made 300 did a great job with that but they think that if they made another movie made from a comic book it would be good they were wrong there were no cool action scenes the characters exept dr manhatten dident seem to have any powers the whole movie was bassically the soviets trying to bomb America dr manhatten thinking of stopping them niteowl failing to get an erection (HA HA HA) Jupiter finding out the comedian was her real father (wow bombshell) and i dident even watch the end because the movie was so boring