Black Death (Plagues)

What was the worst plague?

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the spanish lady influenza

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Which type of plague was the worst on Europe?

the bubonic plague

What is the worst complication of bubonic plague?

The worst complication is death.

Why wasn't some of the plague victims buried when the plague was at it's worst?

So they did not get it

What was the worst plague in Egypt?

The smiting of the firstborn.

What was the worst pandemic?

The Bubonic Plague

When was the worst month for plague in 1665?


When was the worst month for the plague deaths in 1665?


Two reasons why many bodies of plague victims were not buried when the plague was at its worst in England?

so the people wouldn't get the plague aswell. so the wont get infected by the diseaces from the plague from the people that were dead

Why did they name it the black plague?

It is called the black plague because it was the worst of all the plagues.( 1 out of 3 people died)

What plague was the worst natural disaster in Europe history?

the black plaque

Which was the worst of the calamities that befell Europe in the late middle ages?

The plague

What type of plague was the worst?

The plague which has killed more people than any other, over the course of human history, was smallpox.

What was the worst illness in the middle ages?

It was the plague, also Known as the black death.

What was the worst plague Moses sent?

Moses didn't send the plagues. God did. But I believe that the death of the first born would be the worst.

Was the Black Death the worst plague ever?

The influenza (spanish flu) virus killed a simliar amount of people after World War I, but far fewer as a proportion of the population. The Black Death was the worst biological plague in the history of mankind.

When did the plague start in London?

In 1331 it started but the major outbreaks in 1665 were the worst. The Fire of London in 1666 burned most of the rats and contributed a control of the plague.

Was there a plague in Rome?

Yes there were many plagues in the history of the Roman Empire. However, in those days the term plague referred to any pandemic. The worst ones were the Antonine Plague (165-180), which is thought to have been an outbreak of smallpox or measles, and the Plague of Justinian (541-542), which was actually an outbreak of bubonic plague.

What age group were worst affected by the plague?

Young children and oap s and if you were not of good health

Where was the black plague the worst?

The black death was the worst in cities in western Europe. The rats and fleas from the boats would travel to the ports and the disease would spread wherever it stopped. Spain and France had it the worst.

How deadly was the black plague in Europe?

About 3/4's of the population died during the worst outbreaks. There was no remedy at the time, and contracting the plague almost always ended in death.

Where did the great plague of London in 1665 come from?

It started in the East, possibly China. And it quickly spread to London and that's were it hit the worst.

Describe the Mongol invasion between 1223 and 1242?

The Mongols spread terror and panic and, worst of all, brought the bubonic plague with them.

What was the worst disaster to affect 14th-century Europe?

The Bubonic Plague, also known as Black Death, was the worst disaster to affect 14th-century Europe and was also one of the most devastating pandemics in human history. This plague was responsible for 75-200 million deaths.The plague presented itself in two forms:Infection of the bloodstream, causing the buboes and internal bleeding. It was spread by contact.Virulent pneumonic type that infected the lungs. It was spread by respiratory infection.

How many different types of plague are there?

There are three different types of plague: bubonic plague, septicemic plague, and pneumonic plague.

Why do people study the plague today?

people study the plague today because it was the worst, deadliest pandemic in history. it killed over 50 million people - a third of Europe . People want to know more about it because it killed so many people, and it came in 3 forms- bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic plague, all of them.. deadly.

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