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What was the worst trade that the Yankees ever made?

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What was the best trade the New York Yankees ever made?

The Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees for $125,000 cash. He was never traded.

What is the worst silly band ever made?

the worst silly band ever made is the rose or the circle or square or cornrer puzzle peice

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Fiat Multipla

Worst car ever made?

Fiat Multipla

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What is the worst shark movie ever made?


What was the 2nd worst trade that the Red Sox ever made?

There has been many sad moves by the sox.. giving up Hanley Ramirez, Freddy Sanchez. Worst trade was Babe Ruth... second worst.... giving up Jeff Bagwell for a 40 y/o relief pitcher Larry Anderson in 1990.

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Are you a retard? I mean really have you ever herd of sports? Derek Jeter- shortstop of the Yankees Alex Rodriguez- third baseman of the Yankees (if i spelt his name wrong sorry) C.C. Sabathia- Pitcher for the Yankees Albert Pujols- First Basemen for the angels And players on the mets and red sox are awful and not athletes and soccer is the WORST sport ever made

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The cast of The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made - 2004 includes: Carlos Larkin as Narrator

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It's called the Xerox Alto

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Jan Terri - losing you

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What was the worst job you or a family member ever held and how would a labor union made the situation better

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Mt. St. Helens i do believe...

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"Superman IV: The Quest For Peace"

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JustKiddingFilms - 2007 Worst Commercial Ever Made 4-37 was released on: USA: 12 September 2010

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'My Dinner With Andre' - absolutely the worst picture ever made

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The best who killed the homecoming queen the worst first date STUPID book ever made

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Ferrari has always made good cars. I would be happy with any one of them.

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most certainly not. it was the best of the three twilight movies.

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In my opinion, the worst toy ever made were Squinkies. The song you hear in the commercial is annoying and horrible and the girl who dances in the commercial is a horrible dancer (no offense). All they can do is squish, and they are no fun at all. What were the makers thinking?

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Caligula, starring Malcolm MacDowell, is sometimes considered the worst film ever made. It is one of only three films that Roger Ebert ever walked out of.

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