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What was the year of the first Major League Draft?


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2004-10-17 14:23:58
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1962 I believe -- or right around there (within a year). It coincided the New York Mets coming into the league.


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There are no Rule 1, Rule 2 or Rule 3 drafts for Major League Baseball, all they have for drafts are the Rule 4 draft which is the First-Year Player Draft that is held in June on a yearly basis and the Rule 5 draft which is yearly held in December.

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June 9-1o is when the 1st year player draft is.

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Pitcher Bill Burbach from Wahlert High School in Dickeyville, Wisconsin in the 1965 MLB amateur draft.

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It is highly unlikely, but there are some instances such as Mike Leake of the Cincinnati Reds. He went straight from the draft to the Majors.

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MLB The first year of the National League was 1876. The first year of the American League was 1901. The first year of the National Football League was 1920.

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