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They provided economic role models to people in Africa. apex

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"They provided economic roles models to people in Africa." - Apex :)

"They provided economic roles models to people in Africa." - Apex :)

There is a church in Montgomery, AL, that is called St. John A.M.E. (African Methodist Episcopal) Church. There are also several Zion churches listed in the phone book that are all called A.M.E. churches, which stands for African Methodist Episcopal also. The members of these churches are primarily black, though a few whites also attend the services. I have never attended one of the worship services in any of these churches, and cannot tell you precisely what it means to be called A.M.E. I believe the A.M.E. churches date back to the late 1800s or early 1900s. I do know that Methodist and Episcopal worship services are very similar, and I think their core beliefs are closely related. The Episcopal Church was never part of the "Reformation" when the Protestant upheaval took place. The Episcopal Church is the American version of the Church of England, and the Archbishop of Canterbury is still the high leader of the church. The Methodist Church took part in the Protestant Reformtion, but they kept a great many core beliefs of the Church of England, with just a few small changes. To put the word African first, with the Methodist and Episcopal names next, probably means that somewhere in time a large group of black people embraced the Methodist and Episcopal worship services. But, they customized the services to be more the way they remembered worship in Africa, I think.

The first black Christian denomination was the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the city of Philadelphia, PA. It was established in 1794 by Richard Allen. He was the church's first pastor. This church grew out the Free Africa Society, a mutual aid society started by Allen , Absalom Jones and others in Philadelphia in 1787.African American Episcopal Church

Christian Missionaries had little success with converting Africa to Christianity, but the African people often mixed Christianity with their native religions, forming syncretic brands of both religions.

By missionaries, but white missionaries were not very successful in bringing the faith to the continent, since Europeans had never been very nice to the Africans and they also didn't try to fit Christianity in with the Africans' culture. It was only after the emancipation of the christianised slaves in the the USA that Africa became more christian. Some African Americans became missionaries to Africa and altered many teachings to allow room for African practices like their dancing, singing and often poligamy.

A significant effect: Missionaries provided health care, education, and role models.

First 4 Caliphs were not missionaries to Africa , but many other companions of prophet were .

J. M. Buckley has written: 'A history of Methodists in the United States' -- subject(s): Methodism, History 'Christians and the theater' -- subject(s): Theater 'Faith-healing' -- subject(s): Spiritual healing, Christian Science, Superstition 'Travels in Three Continents Europe Africa Asia' 'Constitutional and parliamentary history of the Methodist Episcopal church' -- subject(s): Methodist Episcopal Church, History

Missionaries in Darkest Africa - 1912 was released on: USA: 3 June 1912

Explorers and missionaries greatly impacted the continent of Africa. Explorers saw Africans as a resource to be traded and sold. Missionaries saw what they believed to be savage people in need of saving.

David Livingstone was a missionary and an explorer in Africa. Georg Schmidt was a missionary to South Africa. Casalis and Arbousset were missionaries sent by the Parisian Missionary Society.

Christian Missionaries went and still go to Africa because there were and still are many people who don't know Jesus.

European missionaries entered Africa to Cure diseases spread Christianity and End the slave trade All of the above/...... Apex

I am unsure of Ethiopia exactly, but people in many African countries enjoy soccer and cricket, due to the influx of British missionaries to South Africa.

Christian missionaries have been visiting Africa since Roman times.

By English and Dutch missionaries

to support the spread of Christianity

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African is the proper adjective for Africa (an Africancountry, African music).

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