Vlad III the Impaler

What was vlad the impaler's biggest obstacle?

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What was Cleopatra's biggest obstacle?

Octavian was Cleopatra's biggest obstacle.

What was Eleanor Roosevelt's biggest obstacle?

her biggest obstacle was when her father was drinking.

What is the biggest obstacle to stargazing on long island?

Light pollution is the biggest obstacle to stargazing on long island.

What was the biggest obstacle that verrazano faced to get to the northwest passage?

My biggest obstacle that he faced was not finding the northwest passage

What is Barack Obama's biggest obstacle?

Until the next Congress his biggest obstacle is the House which is controlled by Republicans. The biggest obstacle to most of his programs is lack of money to pay for them without raising taxes.

What was Margaret mead biggest accomplishment?

her largest obstacle her largest obstacle

What were Marie curies obstacle?

The biggest obstacle she had to overcome was the prdjudice against women

What was George Washington's greatest obstacle?

treaties with indianshis biggest obstacle was to fight.

What was Mother Teresa's biggest obstacle?

Some of her biggest obstacles were not having enough money to carry out her intentions. Another obstacle was her health.

What is the biggest obstacle to traveling by boat on the Congo River?

Shallow areas due to drought are the biggest obstacle to traveling by boat on the Congo River.

What was Princess Diana's biggest obstacle?

Princess Diana's biggest obstacle was having to balance royalty and individuality. She was not fully free to be who she wanted to be in the public spheres.

What is Miley Cyrus's biggest obstacle?

I think Miley 's biggest obstacle is going through all these rumors stupid people are spreading }:P

What was William clark's largest obstacle?

He did not have any maps of the areas he was heading into, and so the unexpected was his biggest obstacle.

What is the biggest obstacle to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro?

The biggest obstacle to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro will depend on the particular person. For most people, the steep slopes are the biggest challenges one has to deal with on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

What was Christopher Columbus biggest obstacle?

christopher columbus Biggest challange was traveling around the US.

What is Jim carreys biggest obstacle?

When he was young and he wa poor

What is Sidney Crosby's biggest obstacle?

Capitals(Ovechkin) or the canucks.

The biggest obstacle to effective congressional oversight is?

The biggest obstacle to effective oversight is the sheer magnitude of the task. From: THE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY Author: Thomas E. Patterson Chapter 11 - p331

What was Helen Kellers largest obstacle?

Helen's largest obstacle was her writing ability . To be blind and deaf was her biggest obstacle. She mastered it as if she had a life like a normal child . She really was something.

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