What water lies between Europe and the Middle East?

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The Mediterranean Sea would be one answer, as could be the Black Sea.

What is the difference between the Middle East and Arabia?

Arabia, or the Arabic world, are the countries in the world that are inhebited by Arabic speaking population. It includes parts of Asia and Africa. Most of the middle east is a part of the Arabic world (The eastern part). However, there are a couple of countries in the Middle East that are NOT a par ( Full Answer )

Explain the division of Europe between east and west?

During the cold war era each European country was classified as part of either Free Western Europe, or of Communist Eastern Europe which was mostly dominated by the Soviet Union until the Soviet Union broke up.

Was Europes water polluted by the early middle ages?

Water pollution was a major problem in ancient times. It was the reason the Romans built the aqueducts and stopped taking water from the Tiber. By the time the Middle Ages started, the water in Europe was nearly all polluted to some degree.

Which body of water lies east of Argentina?

Argentina is located in southeastern South America, and covers mostof the Southern Cone. To the east of Argentina lies the SouthAtlantic Ocean.

What ocean lies between North America and Europe?

Eastern North America and Western Europe are separated by the Atlanic Ocean. Northern Europe and the northern part of North America are separated by the Arctic Ocean.

What are the differences between US and Middle East?

The United States is where I live, and maybe you live. Middle East is where other people live, I do not live there. U.S. has Presidents, and is a democracy. And the Middle East is not a democracy, it's an autocracy, and also they are more religious than us and they pray more. Hope that helped. ( Full Answer )

Why is water is source of conflict in the middle east?

The Middle East lacks sufficient amounts of water to completely sustain the massive population that now lives there. As a result, each country tries to use more of the water sources than its neighbors and this has resulted in conflict.

Why is water important to the middle east?

It allows people to use it for irrigation, farming, drinking, or to locate oil. There is an abundance of water in the middle east but there is an unequal distribution of it. Unequal distribution leads to conflict between countries. This is a much better answer than the last one.... Trust me... It sa ( Full Answer )

What bodies of water surrounds the middle east?

It is important to know the bodies of water on the Earth. TheMiddle East is surrounded by the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, RedSea, Persian Gulf, and the Arabian Sea.

Which body of water is to the east of Europe?

To the east of Europe is the land mass of Asia, and to the east of Asia is the Pacific Ocean (not counting the names of inlets, bays, gulfs and seas).

Why is water so important in the middle east?

Very simply, water is a necessity for life. The Middle East is primarily desert and therefore does not have much of it. Therefore everyone highly prizes water and it has become very important, especially as populations in the Middle East continue to rise.

What was the old nickname for the division between the East and West of Europe?

The Iron Curtain. The term was first coined by British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, to describe the borders between the communist countries of eastern Europe and the capitalist countries of Western Europe. He described it as running for "Szechin in the North to Trieste in the South" and he cle ( Full Answer )

Why do the United States and Europe want to stabilize the middle east?

Answer 1 Some oil-rich nations are beginning to spend large sums of money researching alternative fuels so that they will continue to have power in the world energy market even if the industrialized world manages to wean itself off fossil fuels in order to stabilize the Middle East. Answer 2 ( Full Answer )

Are the impacts of the Crusades greater on the Middle East or Europe?

The Crusades were very important to both the Middle East and Europe. Take for example the battle of Tours, in which the Muslim Empire stretched so far that they were only roughly 200 miles from Paris, France. The Muslims were also the ones who helped topple the Byzantine Empire, which was what was l ( Full Answer )

What age lies between the classical age and the Middle Ages?

The commonest answer is probably that the Middle Ages began with the end of Classical Antiquity. Really, what lies between depends on viewpoint. The dates of these things are not fixed, and even the meanings of the terms vary according to who is using them. Perhaps the commonest view is that Classic ( Full Answer )

Which mountain range separates Europe and Middle East?

Europe does not really have a boundary with the Middle East. Turkey is between Europe and the Middle East and you could say the Caucasus mountains separate Europe from countries that are close to the Middle East, so that may be the answer you are looking for.

What was the division of Europe between east and west?

The border countries of East and West are Finland (west) Germany (west) Poland (east) Czech Republic (east) Austria (west) Slovenia (east) Slovakia (east) Hungary (east) Norway (west) Italy (west) For the most part, Eastern Europe was under Soviet control and was communist, whil ( Full Answer )

What country lies directly East of Europe?

Asian Russia (east of European Russia) Azerbaijan (east of Georgia) Azerbaijan (east of Armenia) Kazakhstan (east of Azerbaijan) Asian Turkey (east of European Turkey) Lebanon (east of Cyprus) Asian Kazakhstan (east of Asian Kazakhstan)

Which body of water is east of Europe?

If you travel east from Europe, you encounter many bodies of water. The last of them is the Atlantic Ocean. Before then, and depending on which latitude you are travelling on, you would encounter the Pacific Ocean, and may encounter the Lake Baikal, Lake Michigan, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, Baf ( Full Answer )

How do people obtain water in the Middle East?

From my viewing of the movie Home, I understand that people in the Middle East and desert areas in general dig wells for water. Apparently there are vast reservoirs of water deep under the surface of the Earth. Unfortunately, according to the movie, these source of water are depleting rapidly and wi ( Full Answer )

Why is water scarce in Middle East?

1. It doesn't rain much there, 2. Much of the landscape is desertified (few or no trees or bushes), so that rain runs off quickly, and sand doesn't retain water for long either.

What are two reasons for water shortages in the middle east?

Two main reasons for water shortage in the Middle East are that: 1. Most of them are very hot countries and there is at times little rain fall especially in the Arabian Gulf countries where it may rain for a week or so during the course of one year. Sometimes heavily and sometimes not enough. Thus ( Full Answer )

Why do aviation routes between the United States and the Middle East go through Europe?

The Earth is not flat. Therefore flight routes from point A topoint B will not be in a straight line. Between any two countriesin the northern hemisphere, it makes more sense to go north as wellas east or west because there is less distance between the sameamount of the degrees of longitude. It happ ( Full Answer )

Why did Jews migrate from western Europe to eastern Europe and the middle east?

Jews never migrated out of Western Europe into Eastern Europe, or at least not at a large scale. Over history, Jews migrated from the Middle East all over Europe, west or east. However, during World War II, the Jewish population was dramatically reduced in all of Europe by more than half. During WWI ( Full Answer )

Where was life easier the Middle East or Europe?

It depends on a number of other factors such as the timeframe,whether that person was male or female, whether that person wasfrom the majority ethnic group or one othe minorities, whether ornot they were wealthy, noble, middle-class, or poor, etc.

When did Christianity spread from the Middle East to Europe?

It was within 10 years after the 1st Pentecost in June, 31 AD thatthe Apostles began speading the Word of God throughout the adjacentareas - which included Greece and Rome. It really began to spreadthroughout Europe after Constantine of Roman accepted Christianityas a religion of the Empire.