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Light waves travel faster than sound waves.

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Light faster than sound waves.

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Q: What waves travel faster sound or light?
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Do sound waves or light waves travel faster?

In air, light waves travel about 871 thousand times faster than sound waves.

Which travel faster light or sound waves?

Light waves travel faster.same he is right


No light travels way faster

Which waves travel faster sound or light?

Light is roughly a million times faster than sound.

Why do radio waves travel faster than the sound wave?

Radio waves are just low frequency light waves. They travel at the speed of light, much faster than sound waves which are just changes in pressure traveling in waves

Does sound waves travel faster than light waves?

No! because light is the fastest thing on earth.

Why do light waves have a far shorter wavelength than sound waves?

sound waves travel faster slower than light waves In air, sound travels around 300m/s.

Which travel faster than light or sound waves?

Which of them travel faster - light or sound waves? Light waves travel in vacuum with the speed of light c = 299792458 m/s or 983571056 ft/s. Sound waves travel at 20°C (68°F) with the speed of sound c = 343 m/s or 1125.33 ft/s. So light travels 874,030 times faster than sound. Don't forget that sound needs necessarily air as a medium. Light does not need a medium; vacuum is O

What is the objective of travel faster radio waves or sound waves?

sound waves

Why do sound waves travel faster in water than in air?

Sound waves travel faster in substances with higher densities.

Why do we see distant events before we hear them?

because light waves travel faster than sound waves, you see the light a lot sooner than you hear the sound.

Which travels faster-radio waves or sound waves?

Radio waves travel roughly 874 thousand times faster than sound waves travel in air.

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