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They are all considered social institutions.

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Q: What way are family religion health care politics and mass media alike?
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Are religion and politics alike?

Organized religion and organized politics are very much alike. Both seek to control their social environment. They do this by appealing to individuals to put aside their own best interests for the best interests of the organizations hierarchy. Neither care about the fate of the individual as long as they drain the individual's time and wealth into their own coffers.

Why are the element in each group in the periodic table considered a family?

They have alike characteristics and react alike. Alike to your family, you all act alike or look alike or have alike characteristics

In what way are education, the economy, health care, family, and mass media alike?

(Apex Learning) They are all social institutions.

How are Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain alike?

They are essentially the same person. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) expresses his views about society, religion, and politics through Huck and Huck's experiences.

How are fruits alike?

Fruits are alike as in they have vitamins and nutrients vital for good health.

How are Buddhism Islam and Hinduism alike?

They are no where near alike, The only thing they have in common is a religion.

How are the finney's family and the winterbottom family alike?

how are the finney family and winterbottom family alike in the book walk two moons

How are cheetahs and house cats alike?

they are alike since they are both in the feline family .

Are Pagan and Folklore alike?

No folklore not normally religion affiliated

How are Jews Christians and Muslims alike in their religion?

They only have one god (a fairly unusual trait for a religion)

How are parents and grandparents alike?

there from the same family .

What is the connection between literature and politics?

Literature has always been a source of inspiration for politicians and lawmakers alike. Without literature, politics wouldn't function properly.

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