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Q: What ways a child could be adopted?
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Could a biological mother regain custody before her child is officially adopted?

Yes, this is possible if the child hasn't been adopted. or the mother could destroy everything the child has known and regain custody after they are adopted. This would be a very wrong act and it is not recommended.

Is an adopted child still called a stepchild?

No! Once a child is adopted they are legally the child of the adoptive parents. The only way that child could be a step-child is if the adoptive parents divorce and the custodial parent re-marries. Then the child becomes a step-child to the new parent.

Could a non related ex-foster parent take coustody of a child whos already been adopted by someone else?

No, unless the child is adopted in some sort of fraudulent manner. Even then you have no claim on that child.

Do you have to pay child support on a child you never knew was yours in the state of Kentucky even if the child has been adopted?

You could be asked to pay for any expenses the mother had after birth but before the adoption. Once adopted the adoptive parents pay for their child.

How do you use adopted in a sentence?

You could say it many ways! Like this for example; " Yesterday my dad and I went to the pet store and adopted a pet!" or " My friend said that his dog was adopted."

Can an adopted child get signed over to another adult?

Any types of adoptions or parental rights sign offs have to be done in front of the courts. The adopted child could be signed over to another adult as long as that adult is found to be fit enough to be capable of the upbringing of the said adopted child.

What were the three ways to avoid slavery?

Slaves could be adopted by the families to which they were sold or they could marry into their masters family.

Does Justin bieber have a adopted child?

No. He does not have an adopted child

How do you get a birth certificate if the child has been adopted and now they say there is no record of that child?

you could apply to the hospital where the child was born for the birth records, then go on from there

Can an adopted child be left out of the will?

You can leave an adopted child out of a will. Depending where in the world you live you may not be able to prevent an adopted child from claiming a child's share of the inheritance.

Can an older child be adopted?

Yes, an older child can be adopted.

How do you tell if a child is artistic?

There are a number of ways in which artistic ability could be seen in a child. You could let the child play with music for example.

Did Steve Jobs adopt a child?

Steve Jobs was adopted as a child but has not adopted a child himself.

Is an adopted child is eligible for medical facility?

The adopted child have the same right as the biological child.

Could ella fitgerald have kids?

Yes she had a child she adopted and his name was ray brown jr.

What information can a doctor legally ask an adopted child?

I don't think that any doctor can ask anything about an adopted child that they wouldn't to a non adopted child.

Do you still pay child support if a child is removed from your custody and then adopted out?

If the child is in foster care you pay but not if the child is adopted. Then the child have new parents who are responsible for him/her.

What is my cousin's adopted child to me?

Your cousin's child would be your first cousin once removed. So, your cousin's adopted child would be your adopted first cousin once removed?

When did jayne torvill adopt children?

she adopted a child in 1998 she adopted a child in 1998

I gave my son up for adoption after dss took him from me i signed him over because i could not pay it then i ran to another state do i still have to pay child support even after he is adopted?

If the child was actually legally adopted by another family then no, you should not have to pay child support in any state.

Can adopted kids legally know who their birth parents are?

I would say legally, they could find out from you or government, but I don't think you are required to tell an adopted child who their true parents are...

When was the convention on the rights of the child adopted?

It was adopted by Unicef in 1990.

Should you change an adopted child's name?

yea i think that u can change a adopted child's name but that sonly if you would like to change his or her name your self not if they want toAnother Answer:Once a child grows up enough to understand the gift of adoption, it will be important to that child to know fully his or her given name.One reason to change an adopted child's name would be to hide the fact that the child was adopted. Over time, most every adopted child discovers the truth, in which case, the people who changed the name could be faced with questions they are not comfortable answering.Another option would be to give the child a nickname and leave the original name intact. This way, the people who want to change the child's name can use a name they like, while leaving the adopted child's identity intact.

Why do you have to pay full child support for an adopted child?

An adopted minor child has the same equal rights to financial support by the parents as does a biological child.

When you were married your wife and you adopted her relatives child now that you are not together can you give up your parental rights?

no you could not. you should have thought about that before you adopted that child. adopting a child is a big thing and you chose to do it anyway. you should have thought and discussed it all through and should have thought about what if y'all broke up