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true, history repeats itself all the time

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Q: What we learn from history is that we don't learn from history?
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What do you have to do to like history?

ya dont like history you let beat u with the whip of knowledge then u learn it ya dont like it stupidbutt

Why should people learn about Serena Williams?

you dont really have to learn about her but shes a very famous professional tennis player and i bet its for black history month

Where can you learn about the history of softball?

You can get to learn the history from books or internet links

how to ant learn how to walk they dont?

they dont

Why history teaches but teaches nothing?

idk,i think because it teaches what happened before but you dont really need to learn it? Famous quote: "Those who do not know History, will repeat it." Enough said.

What do you learn in American History?

I,Henal,learn how our forefathers fought and sacrificed themselves for our freedom today.

What do people learn from history?

They learn that history repeats itself and they learn about their heritage,culture,how society used to be and stuff like that

Why is it necessary to go back and learn the history of computer?

like all history if you do not learn it you are doomed to repeat it ...

What did kids in mesopotamia learn?

how to make stuff, learn history, and learn about war

How do people learn how to type really fast?

They dont have to but its fun knowing how to you dont really learn to do it you just get used to the keys :]

How can you learn about history?

By reading.

What can you learn about Ethiopia?

You can learn about Ethiopias culture,history,and government.