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Either artillery, machine guns, or the rifles and bayonets of common soldiers.


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Most of the soldiers who died were killed by artillery shells.

Yes, it killed many people.

There can be no doubt that the most deadliest weapon of world war 2 was the nuclear bombs that dropped on Hiroshima.

the weapon that killed the most people in WW2 was artillery then the MG42 because they sat them on the German bunkers on D day and shot almost 97,000,000 bullets OMG sucks to be there at that time

The most common one that was used as a weapon in World War 1 is called the Artillery

The most common method was with artillery.It is NOT a biological weapon, it is a chemical weapon.

Probably artillery; it was responsible for many of the deaths in World War 1.

the most hevealy used weapon in ww2 was the m1 rifle the most efiicient axis killing machines

the most dramatic weapon was the airplane

By far the most Australian casualties were in World War 1.

Nuclear bombs. Only 2 were used and they killed about 220 thousand people. No other weapon was used so little and killed so many people.

The Soviet Union has most killed.

The only time in World War II radiation served as a weapon was the Nuclear Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The actual explosion killed thousands immediately, the radiation killed a lot more.

The most destructive weapon introduced during world war 2 was the Soviet T-34 tank. There were many other weapons used during this war on part of the allies as well as the Red Army.

One type of weapon that was not used in World War I was the atomic bomb. The technology was generated during World War II.

The families of those killed in the war suffered the most.

in world war 2 there was 100,00 were killed in Poland :) ___ Most sources give a figure of over 5 million ...

It was the most dangerous weapon in WW1. If you touch mustard gas it would eat away your skin.

The most dramatic weapon they used was machine gun, explosives, and airplanes..

8 million horses were killed in world war 1

700,000 British Soldiers were killed in World War 1.

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